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I turn 1 year older every 10/04 :3

My real name is Olivia :3

Uhm, I really hate scary movies (thanks to some people *rolls eyes* the things I do for my friends) I hate bugs. Haha I sound like some anti-social old woman who has 900 cats or something like that XD no I'm not...

I'm Singaporean :3

OOPS, I think I wrote this in the wrong field. Ah who cares. You'll end up reading this anyways XD.

About Me

• Instagram: @_callmebaeky_

•Tumblr: uhm... baekhyunsmole (cause why not ahahah)

• Facebook: Olivia Chong

•Twitter:mrs_byunxings XD yehet finally created one

•LINE: mrsbyuntabulous [ well, Baekhyun's Wifeu was taken...]

• Kakao: SHINeeFan1999

•Kik: EXO_SHINee_1999

Ask.Fm: Baekhyun_Lays

uhm, I think that's all :3