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Hi, I'm Lyn! I read for entertainment and I write for fun, Hmmm... I'm an amateur writer so don't expect much. But comments and votes are really loved and appreciated! If you want to view my authored stories, you can add me.=] Yoroshiku!

Hobbies reading, writing, eating HAHA!

 fave groups  bts, exo, apink, rv, bp


 fave genre dark romance, dark angst

 bias Jungkook, do, jimin, suga, v, m2m 

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 AUG. 21, 2015  I joined this site!

 AUG. 21, 2018  Three years and counting! Yay!

DECEMBER 16  My birthday! Greet me! I'll be happy!





author's notes: Most stories are m and tw. read them at your own risk and don't come whining or ranting at me if it's not your cup of tea. the warnings are there for a reason. anyway, enjoy reading!



Lucifer's First Love || Sehun x OC 

Sehun as Lucifer aka King of Hell, He's getting bored of mercilessly killing and until his new secretary came. He has no idea why his powers don't work on a mortal like her. Now, he is facing the biggest challenge in his existence to patiently wait and to seduce his naive and clumsy secretary. 

Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Romance


My Two Faced Hon || Luhan x OC

You have been carrying in your shoulders the darkest secret that you can’t tell anyone. Luhan is your long time Hon but he has this DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), formerly known as (MPD) Multiple Personality Disorder. HanHan is the name of this other personality and he ually abuses you, especially when he's jealous with your friend Kris. You have been in this ill-fated cycle for fifteen years and nothing is going to stop you. You love Luhan and nothing can ever make you unlove him.

Genre: Dark Romance, Abuse, Psychological, Angst


Unselfish Love || Taehyung x OC

, drugs, alcohol… She has drowned herself with everything because of the pathetic life she has. She was forced to sell herself but she loves her mother that much. The endless, repeating and mundane cycle has taught her to become numb... until a person named Kim Taehyung came into the picture. A loser like her, he’s a snatcher, drug dealer and also a commoner. The supposed simple love story turned bloody when Taehyung saved her from being by her step father. He almost killed him... And her mom threatened her that he'll report Taehyung to the authorities if she won’t break up with him. She was in the verge of breaking. What should she do? Now that she has met the person who has accepted her wholeheartedly, will she dump the man who dirtied his hands for someone as worthless as her?

Genre: Angst, Romance,

Completed but under heavy Editing

Reset! || Jin x OC

Who knew that hardcore fangirling will give you a roller coaster journey? In the first place, why would a sasaeng fangirl like you travel in time and take note, during Joseon Dynasty?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Slight Comedy, Slight Angst


edelweiss themes



author's notes: Most stories are m and tw. read them at your own risk and don't come whining or ranting at me if it's not your cup of tea. the warnings are there for a reason. anyway, enjoy reading!

SHOrt stories


Tempo || Baekhyun x OC 

I don't know what possessed me when I agreed to be his girlfriend for 3 months. But I know for a fact that Byun Baekhyun can manipulate women and have them bend their knees at his mercy. And I was about to have a roller coaster ride of that ecstasy.

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst


Personas || Taehyung x OC 

Lee Seonmi finds herself tangled in a complicated and toxic relationship with her first ever boyfriend, Kim Taehyung. On Mondays, he is a lazy and sleepy student. During Wednesdays, he turns into the sweet and adorable boyfriend. When it's Friday, he seems gloomy, secretive and scared. But there are moments, when those moods don't apply to a certain day because of his madness. Simple signs and pieces of evidence... She failed to notice them... Until one day, his outburst came - She couldn't believe that he murdered someone in front of her.

Genre: Dark Romance, Psychological, Angst, Suspense


Because He Changed || Suga x OC

As if long distance relationship isn't hard enough, she's faced with another huge obstacle when her long-time boyfriend debuted as an Idol. And as soon as Yoongi became a bit popular, he mercilessly tossed and dumped her. It's so painful and excruciating. However, there was nothing she could do but to sob her cries away. Min Yoongi is no longer the same... Because he changed.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff


Fake Love || Jimin x OC

Although it is considered, as morally wrong, Park Ara has been in love with her brother since she was little. She has been supressing her malicious emotions towards her brother to the lengths of dating the bad guy Jeon Jungkook. Yet, everything doesn't seem to work. Upon witnessing Jimin and his girlfriend Seulgi kissing, Ara ended up detonating. After her sudden confession, it made things much worse and awkward for the both of them. Park Ara almost gave up... but a small light of hope has shined her way. But perhaps, in the end, a forbidden thing only causes suffering.

Genre: Dark Angst, Romance, Mature,


The Bad Boy || Baekhyun x OC

If there’s a perfect man who can be defined as the word itself, it’s definitely and unquestionably BYUN BAEKHYUN. I hate that man to the farthest corner of my guts and the only thing I wish every day is to never have a sight of his annoying face. That being said, I intentionally avoid him at all costs because I can’t even last a minute with him in a single room. It is so suffocating! I would die because of the thought that we are breathing the same air! Ugh! And what made things worse? I found myself trapped in a bet! I’m not sure how it happened in the first place! And the ? Byun ing Baekhyun? He’s really great at playing the game. The more I lose… the more he gets to own each part of my body… Yeah. Can you please remind me? How??? How the hell was I forced into a bet that will make me lose my own body and sanity?!

Genre: Romance, Love&Hate, CollegeAU


My y Childhood Best Friend || Kai x OC

Kai and Jinri have been childhood best friends since forever. Kai is known to be a player and after long long years of suffering, Jinri finally decided to date another guy. And that ignited something in Kai. On the day of Chanyeol and Jinri's date, Kai showed up instead. He is mad... and he's up to something Jinri would never have expected.

Genre: Fluff, Romance,


Seven Mates || BTS x OC

With one twist of fate, the protagonist happened to have seven mates.

Genre: Fantasy, Wolf, Vampire, Romance


The Psychopath's Bride || Jungkook x OC

Eighteen (18) – Many consider this age as the peak of maturity. The period in one's existence wherein you get to enjoy life in a different perspective and make your decisions with a full-grown mind and heart. But that doesn’t apply to her story. In six months, she was to marry Jeon Jungkook, the only son of the wealthy and famous clan of Jeon. It is simple. In order to make use of each other’s name, fame, power, publicity and most especially money, their heartless parents has set the date of their matrimony. However, she has come to realize that she’s done with being a flawless marionette. Determined not to lose her life to some rich successor, she used all means to investigate the concealed life of Jeon Jungkook. What she expected to be just a simple probing changed the whole flow of her plans when she had a shocking discovery. No, Jungkook wasn’t involved in any gang or mafia. He’s neither a drug addict nor a ion fanatic. The findings were off from her expectations and they’re peculiar in all aspects. All the pieces of evidence and signs point to it. Jeon Jungkook in reality was far from what she has imagined. Who would’ve thought that the silent Jungkook has layers of deep and dark secrets? And how does she escape getting married to her fiancé who turned out to be awfully lunatic? Of all things, why? Why is he psychopathic?

Genre: Romance, Suspense, Arranged Marriage


Only Hope || J-Hope x OC

The man she dumped a year ago transformed into one of South Korea's most wealthy bachelors. She happened to bump on him in the hotel she works for as a receptionist and there she witnessed how the once humble and kind Hoseok has changed into a cold and boastful man, belittling her status as a mere employee who receives a low salary. But right then and there, as she met his intense gaze and beautiful face, her emotions stirred her insides up. And that's when she realized... She hasn't moved on at all. The past is as equally as important as the future. But the question is, since she has wrecked his past and she has broken his heart, is it also her fault that the current Hoseok has become a detestable jerk? How will she battle her feelings when she knows that they're not meant for each other? She's well aware that it's wrong... It's wrong to stay by the side of her only hope.

Genre: Romance, Angst





author's notes: Most stories are m and tw. read them at your own risk and don't come whining or ranting at me if it's not your cup of tea. the warnings are there for a reason. anyway, enjoy reading!



The Crazy (Kookie) Revenge || Jungkook x OC 

You are Park Rina (19), an irresponsible university student whose weight is about 250 pounds. You started to gain weight when you were ten years old. And you blame one person for that. Jeon Jungkook - the handsome bully who always made fun of you. He always teased you and kept on bugging you. He was such a nuisance and you will never forget the day he humiliated and destroyed your life. Truthfully, you liked him back then but when he started bullying you, the like turned into abhorrence. Filled with hate, you started writing something in your notebook. THINGS TO DO TO MAKE JEON JUNGKOOK SUFFER AND DESTROY HIS LIFE: 1. I must become an attractive woman. 2. Befriend him and make him fall for me. 3. Dump him and destroy his life like what he has done to me. It's the best ending, isn't it?

Genre: Romance, , Revenge


That's What I Like || RM x OC

"Lucky for you, that's what I like." My Daddy says, his eyes shining with amusement. "D-Daddy..." I moan as I stare at him through my lashes.

"You deserve it baby, you deserve it all. And I'm gonna give it to you." He promises.

Genre: Romance, SugarDaddyAu,


Nice Guy in Disguise || Lay x OC

Branded bags, luxury cars, pretty dresses, expensive gadgets - you own every single one of them. You even have an island under your name and your family's vast wealth is something immeasurable. Hotels, hospitals, and entertainment companies are just some of your family's possession. Ever since you were a child, you've had everything. You never had a difficulty getting what you want, doing what you enjoy, and dating who you like. Never. Ever. You’ve got everything what you needed in your life except for something, or should I say someone? His name is Zhang Yixing, popularly known as Lay of Exo. He is the man of your dreams and it seems like you’ll never get to own him.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff


Wife of A Nice Guy || Lay x OC

Having a nice guy as a husband is no joke and now, from a nice understanding wife, you have become a bitter woman who left Yixing. Living in China, managing the company for him and loving him despite everything. You did all just for him. It was love and torture. Will this relationship really come to an end?

Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff,


Never Thought You Were Gay || Kyungsoo x OC

Your love life almost happened to become a cliché story when Kyungsoo confessed his feeling towards you. You were happy that he liked you too but it was painful being part of a complicated love triangle. Kyungsoo is biual and he and Kai are in a relationship. KaiSoo is indeed real and you weren’t happy about it. You hated their fan services and skin ships. And you hated the fact that Kyungsoo is sweeter towards Kai than you. You always felt that he was awkward and shy when he’s with you but you kept quiet about it. You don’t want to be a nagger and you were afraid to lose him. However, what happens when you’re almost at your limit? What happens when you confront him and break up with him? What happens when you avoid him and make him jealous too? A furious, angry and hot Do Kyungsoo is on the way to confront you too. What happens if he revealed his possessive side and he won’t let you go? What happens when he turns into a mad wolf that will feed on you?

Genre: Fluff, Romance,


The Bittersweet Lover || Suga x OC

Min Yoongi - Your bittersweet lover. A notorious delinquent who’s a year older than you. Many call him by his nickname Suga and he enjoys fists fights and playing pranks. Even though he’s known as a bad boy, he’s gentle and sweet towards you. However, things started to get somewhat complicated when you came to know that his younger brother, Jungkook, also your classmate, has an unrequited love for you. God knows how you love Yoongi but it pained you that a good friend like Jungkook is suffering because of your relationship with Suga. To make things worse, Yoongi’s graduation is near but he does nothing but trouble. You’re getting tired of being the one to correct him. He listens to you but you’re exhausted of the set-up. One day, you decided to break up with Yoongi. You thought he would go against it but he just nodded and approved the split. Yeah sure, you loved him but for you, it was the best option to make him realize that he has to take his studies seriously without you guiding him and… it was also for the sake of your best friend Jungkook. But… how will Yoongi adapt from the situation? What if Jungkook tries to snatch you away instead? What if Yoongi’s condition will just worsen?

Genre: Angst, Romance,


Hopeless Mochi || Jimin x OC

I fell in love with Taehyung at first sight and it was the same for him. A month of chatting passed by and we officially became lovers. It was the start of my lovey dovey high shool love story and I felt that my third relationship was way different from the previous two. Tae and I are serious about each other. We really are. But that’s where the problem originates. I was clueless that Chim Chim wasn’t in favor with my blossoming relationship with Tae. And after avoiding me for quite some time, the cute, sweet Jimin turned into a furious y guy and he has prepared a ‘lesson’ that I can never forget. Who knew that all these years, my friend Chim Chim has been hiding in his closet...?!

Genre: Romance, Fluff,


Seven Boyfies || BTS x OC

A not so typical story about a highschooler who happens to have seven boyfriends. And yes, it's you! What you don’t know is that the boys are actually planning a surprise birthday party for you. In a week, you will turn eighteen and they want it to become memorable. The naughty boys came up with an idea again and they want to make sure that you’ll never forget your coming of age ceremony.

Genre: Romance,


I Am A Woman Too || Chanyeol x OC

I am just an individual. Fragile, easily hurt and broken. I'm just a human... who falls in love and gets drunken. I'm just a person, not perfect, gets mistaken. I am a woman too... I am weak and can be overtaken.

Genre: Romance, Angst,


Two Naughty Maknaes || Sehun x Hayoung

"If you want to date me, I have my conditions.” Sehun mockingly spoke. Oh Hayoung should have expected the unexpected. Dating Oh Sehun is contrary to her imaginations and day dreams.

Genre: Romance, Fluff,


Otaku In Love || Kris x OC

You almost regretted it when you said that you wanted to become like Misaki because you never knew that it could be so much painful! How can you think about other things when you’re about to graduate?! Can you handle it? The daily dose of butterflies mixed with the fear that you’ll be eaten alive by your real life Usui Takumi?

Genre: Romance, Fluff


In A Trance || Jimin x OC

I was trapped in his trance. Drowned in his every glance. Jimin kissed my nose and I froze. The way he touched me made my eyes close. Any moment my heart is about to burst. Jimin has put me again under his curse.

Genre: Romance, , Fluff


When Jealousy Strikes || RM x OC

For the first time in your relationship, Namjoon started behaving weird. Ever since your best friend, Jung Hoseok, became one of your team members, a sudden rivalry between them surfaced and he started to give you the cold shoulder. Insecure. Jealous. Cold. And a bitter version of Namjoon emerged. So, how will you handle the situation? How do you persuade a cold boyfriend? Or will your long time relationship come to an end?

Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff


Devilish Lips || Suho x OC

After your friends have set you up in a group blind date with some university students, you mistook the alcohol for water. Straddling, you walked out of the rest room, feeling dizzy and hazy. Suddenly, you bumped into someone causing you to almost fall but luckily, he has caught you in his arms. Both of you accidentally hugged each other. The boy helped you get home because you were too drunk. He has saved you from your drunkenness and you felt bad that you won’t meet him again to even thank him. However, it turned out that your savior is the substitute doctor in your high school infirmary. And to take advantage of your accident drunkenness, he used the alcohol incident to threaten you. Of course a minor like you had to follow the devil’s commands or else you might be suspended or worst case scenario, be expelled from school. Can you manage it? The everyday threats and teases coming from his devilish lips?

Genre: Romance, , Fluff


edelweiss themes





author's notes: This list includes my recommendations, request shop and stories I discontinued.

extraS & Scraps



Collected my favorite fics for easy access. Most stories are M-Rated, and with innocent and dumb OCs in it. Below are the genres I enjoy reading:

Genre: Romance, , Fluff, Angst, Dark Angst, , CeoAu, Suspense, Psychological



Open to accepting requests as long as there is a major plot twist in your story. I write about 2k-5k words for each request. I plan to continue this after I quit on writing to thank the readers who have been with me for years. Other than this, no more other stories from me.

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, Psychological, Suspense, Name It


Bangtan Host Club || BTS x OC

“Eoseo wa! Bangtaneun cheoeumiji?” When she opened the door, there was the Host Club. And the fateful encounter with Bangtan Host Club forever changed her life.

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Anime Adaptation

Reason for discontinuation: Fluff isn't my stuff. Plot wasn't planned well since I just simply adapted the story from Ouran. Also, the attention I received for this fic is minimal so I think this idea didn't really catch the reader's interest.

My Two Faced Hon (Sequel) || Luhan x OC

You think you’d get enough of your everyday happiness with Lu Han? Five years in the marriage and you still end up falling for him harder. Others say that relationships aren’t bound to last but with him, you know that you’ll be together… forever… Marriage, kids plus Lu Han's career. Years after the dreadful truth and bitter happenings, you still find yourself falling for your ever sweet yet rough husband Lu Han. It is yet again another roller coaster ride with him but this time around, your lives will be riddled with more of your and his insecurities, stupid jealousy and more importantly, the struggles of raising children who are adorably stubborn kids.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff, Marriage Life

Reason for discontinuation: Fluff isn't my stuff. There are actually scenarios I planned on writing but I decided to stop with writing this year so this was one of the fics I have decided to discontinue.

It's Sad To Belong || Suho x OC x Xiumin

Fixed marriage. Legacy to protect. Family to obey. Ahn Soo Min has known this set up ever since she was just a mere child. At times, destiny can be cruel to some people and Ahn Soo Min's quiet and planned life was hit by a sudden fate twisting air surge when she met the dazzling skater boy, Xiumin. The first day they've come across each other, she felt comfortable with him even though he was a total stranger. Xiumin was the exact opposite of the calm and collected Suho, her fiance. Xiumin is fun, exciting and... cute. She owes him one big favor because he made her laugh the day they met. She was pathetically crying due to the fact that she discovered that Suho was cheating behind her back. Her fiance is secretly going out with Park Chorong. Gradually, her emotions started to change and it didn't help that Xiumin confessed his feelings towards her. She loves her parents so much and she must marry Suho for the welfare of their company. She tried to battle her feelings but destiny is being mean to her. Soo Min can't possibly end up with Xiumin. Her family won't accept a commoner like him. Moreover, she's still not over Suho and she's unsure of her own emotions. Is Suho her someone else and is Xiumin her right one? Oh, it's really sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along...

Genre: Angst, Romance

Reason for discontinuation: I actually have twists and shocking truths for this story but I decided to discontinue due to lack of responses from readers. I figured this story wasn't good enough to catch people's attention.

Dating The Golden Maknae || Jungkook x OC