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Do I have to write a sequel for "After all" to know more about what happened to our lovely DooSeob? ^-^

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Please read this tumblr article :) i think it's important

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Hey, don't be shy and talk to me if you want ! :D

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I'm Beauty, Incle, Cheshire and part of Pentafam, i'm 18 and french~ I (obviously) love Beast, Winner CLC and Pentagon, my biases are Dongwoon, Taehyun, (princess) Sorn, and Kino/Yuto (stop i can't chose) ♥ Of course i know a lot of other kpop groups~~!

I essentially write ! :)

You can check my ffs masterlist ~ :D

My life as a fan: i own a lot of albums, Beast, Winner, CLC, etc, but also from Cube artists because i love them all~ I also had the chance to go to some concerts: Nu'est, F.T.Island, One ok rock, B.A.P., and a performance of CLC in Tokyo (Shibuya)! TT ♥

Facts: at Shibuya, Sorn noticed me in the crowd (thanks to my home-made banner), and smiled at me ♥ Every CLC member, when seeing me during the handshake session that i participated to, was surprised (since i was the only european fan) and greeted me warmly ♥ 

Anyway, hope you will like my ffs ~~!

Bye-yeom ♥