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Should I Write a Sequel to Lives of the Married and Divorced? (A Triquel to Tales of Marriage)

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  • No, I can't handle more drama!
  • Will you even be alive once Red Velvet has their comeback?

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I write things I shouldn't and ship pairings that would cause everyone to judge me.

And I love it.

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Current Stories:

The Girl Online (SeulgixIrene)

I Love You, Dearly (MinoxIrene, SeulgixJackson, WendyxMark, YerixVernon, JoyxZelo)

The New Boy (YerixJeno, MarkxArin)

She Is (DoyoungxSeulgi)

The Years We Knew Each Other (MinoxIrene)

Completed Stories:

Can I Touch Your ? I MEAN DIMPLE. (KyuhyunxLeeteuk)

Shirts (Minho (SHINee)xIrene)

Birthday Surprise (Red Velvet oneshot)

Tales Of Marriage (MinoxIrene, TaehyunxWendy, JacksonxSeulgi)

The Bartender (MinoxIrene)

Dates (JonghyunxKey)

Jocks (Jackson/Seulgi)

Goddess (G-Dragon/Irene)

I Know Why The Jail Bird Sings (Mino/Irene)

Lives of the Married and Divorced (Tales of Marriage sequel; MinoxIrene, TaehyunxWendy, JacksonxSeulgi, VernonxYeri)

Upcoming Stories:

Title TBD (Irene/Seulgi)

Title TBD (Taemin/Seulgi/Jimin)

Title TBD (Taemin/Seulgi)

Title TBD (JenoxYeri, JaeminxKang Mina, MarkxArin)

Title TBD (Jongyu)


A Collection of Story Ideas

Requested Stories:

Hustler (Seulgi/Seunghoon)

Title TBD (Red Velvet OT4) (Coming soon)

Title TBD (Seulgi/Kai/Krystal) (Coming soon)

Stories on Hiatus:

The Wipe Out (Various)

Sinful Acts (Red Velvet)

The Castle (TaeyongxRed Velvet)

Dead in Daegu (JonghyunxKey)

The Girl In Apartment 8T (TaeminxKai, Yeri)

Sugar and Spice (BobbyxWendy)

Muse (G-Dragon/Irene, Taeyang/Yuri, TOP/Tiffany)

Undercover (Yongguk/Irene, Jongup/Seulgi, Zelo/Joy)