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Hey everyone! Were in the home stretch of Worlds Collide. There's about five chapters left. I hope you continue this journey with me. Thank you to those that have subscribed already!

Worlds Collide

Author: Crys_Marie2oo5
 The collision of worlds and cultures always has unintended consequences. When Lee Soo Man, and Edgar Winters the CEO giants of SM Entertainment and Sony decided to make Crystal Hammock the new lea
Crowd Funding is now a thing!!! Please go check out my profile and see for yourself!
Hey my subbies, things have been pretty busy for me. I'm in school now trying to move up with my company. I'm still working full time and have three kids to look after with my boyfriend. Most of my free time is eaten up.

I love ya'll and please be patient with me. I'm still writing.

A note from the founder: As the founder of Asianfanfics, I've met many wonderful writers on this site. As I've gotten to know them over the years, I've come to find that many of my friends here struggle to get by whether it be paying for school, everyday essentials, or what really gets to me, medical bills. After trying to see what could be done to help through crowdfunding, it became clear that dedicated crowdfunding platforms take out too much in fees. That's why I started this program just for authors so that they can receive the support they need without a middleman taking a chunk out of it. I wish you all luck in this and all of your other life endeavors and hope you all succeed.