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Just One Night

Author: BaekwellTart
As an author, you were a firm believer in using your own experiences when it came to your writing. When you wanted to broaden your h
Ahhh, it's been a while but I finally seem to have worked through my writers block where Trauma is concerned. I managed to write a decent chunk for the next chapter today! Hopefully it'll be ready to update sooner rather than later!
It's back! ^_^

Part 2

Author: BaekwellTart
Of course I found one of my stories reposted on wattpad today. Of-ing-course. When will people learn that reposting fics is plagiarism and illegal?
I might rewrite some of my fics on here. I post on multiple platforms, and here OC fics are preferred over my own 2nd person POV style (which is the most popular on another platform I use). The only issue is changing POV’s for each platform I post on. Is there even a point?

Blooming Day

Author: BaekwellTart
You’d never wanted a soulmate and as you had no obvious marks, strange dreams or ways to communicate with one you’d hoped you would be one of the (un)lucky few that wouldn’t have one. Yet,
I have no internet right now and I don’t know when it’ll be fixed... I’m currently mooching off of my mother’s wifi. I do have part 1 of a baek three shot ready to post when I have it again and I’ll be working on all my fics in the meantime so I’ll have updates for you when I’m back up and running!
Honestly one of my favorite Baekhyun fics at the moment. So well written and a unique concept I haven't come across before.

Sweet Lies

Author: vampwrrr
Baekhyun is sweet.   Baekhyun is kind.   Baekhyun is understanding.  But behind the pure light of Baekhyun's smile hides a darkness that wants to consume you whole.  You think that Baekhyun is your
Because apparently one Baekhyun fic isn't enough for me...


Author: BaekwellTart
Vampires have ruled the world for centuries. Humans are nothing but playthings, slaves to be used for their entertainment and sustenance. You were born into slavery, you’d never known a life differ
A new Baekhyun fic for you! This one is chaptered!


Author: baekwell--tart
Desperate for a job and having been disowned, you’re in a pinch. So you let your best friend help you and find yourself working as a babysitter. Just one problem - He didn’t mention that you were b
There is a new drabble up in my one shot collection for you all. Merry Christmas! ^_^
Quick question, don't feel like you have to if you don't wanna but if anyone wouldn't mind reading my newest fic and sending me some feedback i'd love you forever. I haven't written in so long and i never get any djkgfdg
I feel like my writing style has changed SO MUCH over the last year but that one shot just made me realise it. It’s good to be back though!
and i got myself an amazing Beta reader so expect updates soon! <3
Idk. I know it's probably just my writing style but i still feel like with some input i could get better with that. So yeah, bear with me while i search for a beta that i'm comfortable with.
Things are moving slower for me at the moment but i'm gonna be updating some stuff soon. I'm taking my time while i try to find a beta reader as i feel like i need opinions and some guidance to help myself improve, especially when it comes to being descriptive. I at that for some reason?
I don't have anything valentines themed for you guys, i'm sorry. BUT i will update my oneshot collection for ya'll. Happy Valentines day <3
Yixing oneshot is up! Have fun!
I'm working on a collab and forgot to update my oneshots, my bad. Enjoy Luhan guys! <3
Jackson's drabble is up! Enjoy <3

A note from the founder: As the founder of Asianfanfics, I've met many wonderful writers on this site. As I've gotten to know them over the years, I've come to find that many of my friends here struggle to get by whether it be paying for school, everyday essentials, or what really gets to me, medical bills. After trying to see what could be done to help through crowdfunding, it became clear that dedicated crowdfunding platforms take out too much in fees. That's why I started this program just for authors so that they can receive the support they need without a middleman taking a chunk out of it. I wish you all luck in this and all of your other life endeavors and hope you all succeed.