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eve_young #1
Chapter 38: Ah.. glad ive found this one.. it is really worth reading.. its totally packed.. im really inlove with this story.. thank you authornim..
100 streak #2
Chapter 1: im back to reading this again.. <3
23 streak #3
Chapter 34: This chapter never failed to make my heart aches.T.T
23 streak #4
Reading this again. Coz why not! <3 <3
username-not-taken #5
Chapter 37: I finished this in less than 24 hours! I have my phone with me all day!!! This is so good! I'm blessed that the book is already finished by the time I read it. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for an update. I'll probably drink the earth dry to satiate my thirst for this story if I happen to be one of the early readers. Thank you so much
username-not-taken #6
Chapter 35: curse you I'm crying!!!
Chapter 39: Oh I wish I could get the book too :(
Chapter 35: Hoh!! I just filled a buckets of tears in this chap..
Seriously authornim!.. youre such a your stories so much..?
Chapter 34: This is getting more and more so excited !?
Chapter 33: Out of all actors..why ill woo?? Huhuhu..
Margs35 #11
Chapter 38: Wow so beautiful story..
Appler_5789 #12
Chapter 27: Huntress sunbae-nim, it's 2018 and I'm just reading this. This is the best way to keep my appler heart alive since Ji Yong oppa is in the military and yes, MOTTE Manila and Kuala Lumpur and many others happened. I'm in Chapter 27 and now I'm worried that I'm nearing the end of the ultimate Daragon fanfic there is. Let me just say YOU ARE THE BEST and I'm rooting for hytruction until the end! Hahahaha give Kung Pao some cute little dongsaengs!

Let me go back to reading, so far the events have been really intense and I can't wait!

Your new fan ^_^
Chapter 38: Had to re-read the story before reading Mobster for Rent sequel!!! Same feels all over again!!!
Valenciapam #14
Chapter 6: God I can't stop laughing at jiyong in this chapter... the way he exaggerates hahahahaha
Valenciapam #15
Chapter 5: I can't stop laughing from bom and dara's scenes hahahahaha
Chapter 1: Re-reading this for the nth time while waiting for mfr 2 to update.. :") this story never gets old, really. I remember every single thing that happened in the story yet im still excited to re-read it! Truly one of the best piece on aff!!! :D
arviehamo #17
authornim question the evil prince is no longer available?
_jidarayong #18
Chapter 17: I never laugh out loud when reading other fanfics. You are simply a genius huntress! I was actually going to be a silent reader but I can't help but praise you because this fanfic is just pure genius. Honestly, at first I was hesitant to read this because when I saw the title, I was like "mobster GD? Jinja?" Because I prefer to read Daragon Novels that are closer to reality. But when I read the first 5 chapters, I can't stop laughing. I even scared my sibling because I'm laughing like a lunatic. Never I have ever laugh while reading stories. I'm excited to finish this and at the same time, not sure if I should read this in one go. Now I know why this is a featured story. Dara have me laughing like TOP and Seungri. Hahahahahahahaha. I hope you continue to make daragon stories with a romcom genre. Thank you authornin!!! :)
this deserves all the thumbs up in the world!
[deactivated] #20
Chapter 40: honestly, thanks to you, i became a reader. never in my entire 18 years of living i could stand reading a chapter of a novel(i would fall asleep), but your fanfic brought me to staying up for two days straight ? im a sleepyhead and reading has never been my thing, see what im trying to say here? your work is a hell of a fine art, thank you for existing ❤️
untitled2014 1 points #21
I dunno but i'm crying at 1:35am so hard!!!! Whyyyy did you do that?!!! SHOCCKKKS!! ???
A very remarkable story that gives you a wonderful feelings. Simply One of the best!
Unixai21 #23
Chapter 38: Wow..., just wow! I love this sooo much! You are such a brilliant writer. Thank you for this amazing creation. I love everything about the story. Hands up to you!
Yukihirolalala #24
Chapter 40: Hi~ so I came here after reading KTG in the hopes that I will find this story as amazing as the latter and by holy it did not disappoint!~ you really have a brilliant mind^^ now I have new found perspective for fanfics hehe~~ now on to the sequel~~~ thank you! ?
Chapter 36: Top and bom needs to be together on MFR sequel!!!!!
Authornim let me save it offline pls ????
AbigLegaspi #27
Chapter 26: A cute short story for top and bom would be awesome Hahahaha the characters you created for then is simply hilarious
Hi, how to purchase MFR books? I would like to order a copy for my book collection. ❤❤❤
Shellcute927 #29
Hello authornim why i cant open EVIL PRINCE
Chapter 35: One question though how did she know ik woo would inject her without some poison
Erine26 #31
Chapter 30: I love your story! You are a great writer!!
troy69 #32
Love this story! ❤️❤️❤️ Rereading it again.
196 streak #33
Rereading it!!! Just love it!!!
girlove02 #34
Chapter 11: I just love this ff.
girlove02 #35
Chapter 10: Omg
Marie214 #36
Chapter 28: In this chap you said that you're not a pro writer.. like seriously??? you are so damn good writer.. omg my emotionsssss... i read this for the nth time and im still going to read it over and over again kekekeke
Thank you..
One of the best DG ff! Kamsa!
Chapter 38: I'm so happy I found this again and reread it once again. You give me a lot of emotions and I'm so grateful for this masterpiece. Thank you so much!
Chapter 38: I read this once again. I love itttttt. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you once again!! After so many years, it’s still amazing.
nayrii #40
I reread this fanfic again for the nth times. I love your writing style!!! and know what, I NEED MY OWN JIYONG ;-;