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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 2: Your writing style is amazing ! I can't wait to read more :)
chensubs #2
Chapter 2: i am excited reading this plot cuz ksoo has such a lovely character but still mysterious altogether aND YES I AM READY
Coffee2s #3
Chapter 2: I really like this so far!
Chapter 2: Just amazing! Well done
Chapter 2: It's a beautiful story. Wished it was longer
*kyungsoo. MY BAD.
I want to read this bit when jongin is already dead I don't know how to handle or what to expect for the end.....butireallywannareadthis
miche_stephyIzq #8
The graphics surprised me. So pretty!
Chapter 2: this kind of writing is an aesthetic...something which made me feel like i'm in a calm, peaceful, yet gloomy place. this style is meticulously vague, had this mysterious vibe which made me want to read more.

this is beautifully written. i love this piece, really. although i hope it was complete...
Chapter 2: What?!?! Wow, I'm mindblown! This story had me on my seat, anticipating the next scene T_T Such a beautiful story this is~
can't wait for the next update!
Chapter 2: This is so beautiful! I'm eagerly waiting for update~
zachelle #13
Chapter 2: The atmosphere is so strange! The people are so strange... It's not normal to like to sit in the rain. I used to like to sit in the dark, and people told me it is weird. It gives the feeling like perhaps the people are not real, this is imagined, etc etc...
Anyway, I have many questions! I'd like to see more
Chapter 2: more puhleaseeee! ^~^
Joo-Mi #15
omg nooo, why is this so sad
Chapter 2: more, please?? this is so touching
Sleepless #17
Chapter 2: This is so beautiful
Chapter 2: It reminds me of a Japanese film but forget what's the tittle beside of that the story is indeed beautiful TT
voldesnort #19
Chapter 2: wow this is beautiful
roxybike #20
I just cant continue reading I start to cry ! Im con shock ! Ehats going on?????
Djatasma #21
Chapter 2: My gawd this is gorgeous
Chapter 2: Ethereal. Thanks ^^
Chapter 2: This is so beautiful.
Lu_bubi #24
Chapter 2: Wow. This is out of this world.
Chapter 2: Its so beautiful, the soundtrack and the rain compliment this story so well.
Its absolutely beautiful
omg! i love you! I almost stop reading fic cuz I can find any good writers anymore... you pulled me back in! Take your time writing this... I wouldn't mind waiting for something good!
Chapter 2: The rain and the playlist made everything so much better, I didn't even notice it when tears started streaming down my face. It would amaze me if this story doesn't get featured because it's absolutely beautiful.
Chapter 2: Is this even legal
Like writing beautiful stuff like this is not good for our health ok all the cavities in our hearts
Chapter 1: Why do you write so freaking beautifully omfg this chapter was really lovely and i really like how things are being shown from jongin's point of view, so we don't know the whole truth yet. It has left me a little confused but I trust that you'll explain everything somehow in the following chapters~ thanks for such a well-written and interesting prologue and I'll be anticipating the next update! <3
Chapter 1: Oh my god. Ok I will just

kristina303 #31
Waaah~ Sounds beautiful, looking forward ^^