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LoveYou12345678 #1
i really wish you would've continued huhu
KateChance #2
Can you accept a request please??
standupwheretogo #3
this story is not the best but okay
Chapter 3: ive read 2 fanfics and gone to the poster link because it was amazing so i could request a poster and its come back to this graphic shop and im so sad that its closed T^T why?
are you working at another graphic shop. its such a shame someone with so much talent isn't making posters anymore
Chapter 3: Whyyyyyy~~~~ *cries in the corner*

I made something inspired by your poster so I made it an inspiration. I think I need to tell you :--) I credited you~
OMG I'm too lateeeee!
I'm desperate
PLS OPENNNNNNN!!!! I want to request!!!!
[deactivated] #10
you really do good posters. geez. im hoping to find coders like you. can you suggest some ?
Chapter 4: hi!! you're very talented and i was wondering if you're accepting? since your last update says you're closed :(
Whoah. Your posters are daebak! The mood is really... Like I feel dramatic when I see the dramatic posters. I don't know how to explain it xD You also try different concepts. You're so cool! Hope you'll still come back. ^^
Meishyka #13
Chapter 4: OH-OH MY GOD *cries alone in a corner* why couldn't i find AFF a bit sooner *sob* please come back... everyone misses you TT^TT and your posters are the cutest things ever! you are very kind to people out here while in the other graphic shops,they aren't so nice!!!!!!!! come back pweaseeee!!!!!!!!
[deactivated] #14
Chapter 2: That's too bad, It's closed. I wanted to request. Will you open a new one?
Chapter 1: aww its closed :( when will you open it again?
Do you have any plans of opening this shop back? :(
Arisa_Ameiru #17
Chapter 4: Your graphics are really jjang. x'( I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner. D:
Omggg these posters are soo nicee.. why did you leaveeee Dx <3
How did you do the gallery thing?
Chapter 1: /sigh/ I miss looking at your graphics Mary, I seriously miss them.
Come backkkkkk~ >.<
Chapter 1: Amazing posters
What you guys are closing
I'm so late
Why am I so late!!!
This was the most best shop I have been to!!!!
:( :(
T.T why did i came across this request shop a little too late. Your posters are so amazing. I agree with comments saying it could be a movie poster. If you have a new shop could you please let us know? pleaseeee. ^^
Chapter 1: Wow, your posters are great! sadly, I only found you just now :(
damn it...i should have found you earlier...
wooyoungftw #27
Chapter 1: Whoa... your posters are soooo good! I wish you were still open D:
Chapter 3: OMONA!!! If i have met you earlier.... i could have showered you with love and appriciation... IM NOT KIDDING! I think you deserve it since youve already said that you spend hours and hours to make posters and IT GOT FEATURED! Wow~ just WOW. its a little disappointing that i found this a little too late ;-;
WHY?! WHY NOW?! ;-; Ur posters are so beautiful i mean.... AMAZING!
Curse my bad timing ;-; oh well.... just commented to appriciate ur work~ its so precise and it is connected to the story's title very well.... its good enough to be a movies poster ^_^
Chapter 3: Just got a link to your shop and I'm so impressed by all of the amazing posters! I feel so bad that others haven't appreciated your hard and so talented work!
If I had found this before you closed it, I would have love you to the skies! But I respect your decision ^^

I hope my words will help brigthen up your day! They are extreamly well made and I wish I could write a 100 stories and get a 100 pretty posters!

I hope that one day you can open up a shop again and then get the praise and applause that you deserve!

Chapter 1: You're posters are daebak! Damn, they look like real movie pictures! They're fantastic.
Will you be starting another poster shop? I would love to get a poster from you!
Chapter 1: awh i like your posters :( why you close for???
junhuidu #33
Chapter 1: I haven't been on aff in quite a while... but I was having a graphics block so I needed a change of scenery I guess. I feel like the more you edit the more picky you become about edits you see but your graphics still look perfect to me ^^ Haha I respect you a lot more after starting myself too because you realise just how difficult colouring and finding the right pictures and textures can be. I know you're not on anymore but I hope you're having a good day~
I love the one that says "Kiss in the Rain" it's beautiful I wanted you to make me one for one of my stories when I saw that poster but I got very disappointed when I read it was closed -sob- I really like them very pretty it a shame I didn't find this earlier I was desperately looking for someone to fix my poster TT,TT
Chapter 3: Your posters are amazing, I wish I had found you sooner when you were still taking requests -sobs-
I'd love to have been able to be lucky enough to have one of your posters, it's a shame other people can't appreciate your hard work. I think you have some of the best posters I've ever seen! *0*
honeypeachies #36
Chapter 4: I haven't been on AFF in so long (due to school)... and there's been a lot of changes. T-T I hope you're doing alright :) I'm sorry about the under-appreciation... And I'm sorry for being so late... >< It's sad seeing your shop close down. But I really want to say, thank you. Thank you so much for your hard work. Thank you so much for making those beautiful, unique posters. See you soon~
Chapter 2: i wanted you (author-nim) to make a poster for my little sister cuz she's making a fanfic and she doesn't have a poster :( but your shop is already closed :( oh well THESE POSTERS LOOK AMAZIIING~~ :D ^^
Chapter 1: Even though your shop is closed....
The posters you made were absolutely amazing :) I love every single one of them and it makes me sad that you are not open anymore :(
I wish I could request a poster from you....
Anyway, Great work you have done!
Chapter 1: I know the shop is closed, but I have to say that the posters in chapter 1 are amazingly great! Seriously, they really are.
jellozelo_ #40
Chapter 1: I don't think I had ever requested a poster for you, but what I really want to say was that I enjoyed your graphics greatly.

People take things for granted sometimes, and I guess that's how most/some of your subs were.

I hope you'll continue making graphics, and never let others push you too far haha. I'm a pushover too.. meep.
Seriously though, amazing posters and wonderful graphics.
Congratulations on your merit and achievements :D