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limkahyan #1
I am really sorry to correct you but its Choi Minhwan not Minwhan
Chapter 6: Oh so exciting, update soon please ^.^
orchid #3
Chapter 6: Finally You update. So long. please update soon. kkk !!!
simplyFTholic #4
i really like this <3 i was squealing and just screaming while reading XDD
the way you made your characters is just great :D please update soon~
ohh uhm, is this also seunghwan?
LeeHongki #5
Only I can not believe this is good ^ ^ true
I liked
I can not wait
an_lee #6
Wait, why did Jonghun do that??
Was it only in Hongki's dream??
Will they be hunted by the elders someday??
Ough God, this fic becomes more tempting to read.
Thx 4 updating.
Can't wait for the upcoming update. ^^
prinzalove2read #7
Mue he he, no worries authorssi. I accidently read your comments (I love to reread again and again even though there are no new chap exist, incl the comments when I miss a certain ff) I will love to write down again what I thought right now after I read your ff and still, I love that cold Idc Jonghun and cute Minhwan. I love this outworld Hongki and yes I love that poor pale omg Jaejin. Waiting for Seungyun role and just guessing whose the one he adore.. MH? JJ? JH? HK?? uh oh..I'm going crazy about this vampire thing and these five cute guys I guess. Help me..
Omg hongki was so cute after he heard that jonghun is a vampire ;)
gd thing that jaejin is okay
an_lee #9
Huehee.... Jonghun got it wrong, rite??
And I love how cute Hongki here after knowing Jonghun is a vampire.
Hahahaaa... a funny moment.
Poor Minhwan. Hope he's getting better.
He's Hongki new friend, anyway.
Thank you... ^^
libella #10
@blackheart123 hongki is the keeper actually. Im just messing with Jaejin. Kekeke.
@an_lee please keep on believing. Jongki will be up in next chap.
@kpopluver121 who knew cold hearted jonghun can made a mistake in finding his keeper. Kekeke.
@LeeHongki yes! Jonghun will protect hongki or will it be hongki protecting jonghun? Who knows? ^^
@prinzalove2read sorry i accidentally deleted your comment. *bow 90 dgree. Im using an ipad and my big thumbs make it a mistake everywhere. Sorry again. *bow bow. Oh and yeah, i m kinda get inspired of writing this after a few ff i read. It seems interesting having these boys as vampire. Dont you think so? Kekeke. Yes, hongki and his childish act. So cute right ^^
LeeHongki #11
I can not believe
This means at the John Hoon will protect Hongki
This is very beautiful
I loved it
pabo jonghun got it wrong , its hongki not jaejin ><
an_lee #13
Did Jonghun make a mistake here or I??
I thought the keeper was Hongki.
Up to now, I still believe that.
Jonghun took his thought wrongly I suppose.
Jongki please.
Thank you... ^^
LeeHongki #14
Please, I do not want JONGKI!
Oooh do not
blackheart123 #15
I though hongki was the keeper
not jaejin
LeeHongki #16
This is an interesting
I liked!
an_lee #17
Yippy yeyyy,,, Jonghun was chained with the Keeper.
Hope he'll still be alright.
Thanks 4 updating. ^^
LeeHongki #18
Seems pretty
But will wait for more ^ ^
an_lee #19
Whoaaa,,, this sounds great.
I luv the way Jonghun speaks here.
He's so cool! I think he's a bit cold, even frozen. Hahahaa..
I do love this. ^^
libella #20
@dedo_ki, thanks for the lovely comment :) *hugsSS
@an_lee, i guess it will be eventually. keke.
an_lee #21
Will this be Jongki and Seunghwan???
Wuich...... really can't wait,,
dedo_ki #22
yeeeeeeeey i‘m the first one who will leave a comment for you !! :)
it‘s look so cool story