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Lilylor 0 points #1
Chapter 69: Why?!?! Why can't they just live peaceful for once. Always arguing for no reason. I'm happy jiyong finally understand that he was at wrong too and it wasn't just emi. But I really do hope that emi tells him she's pregnant instead of him finding out from gahee because jiyong would be soo mad.
lizharuharu 0 points #2
Chapter 69: I have feeling I know what is going to happen and I feel sad if it's going to end the ways I think it's going to happen. :(
mikkydragon 0 points #3
Chapter 68: update soon..........
lizharuharu #4
So surprisingly I found a song that describes GD and Emi's relationship. It's Eminem ft Rihanna Love the way you lie. It just reminded me so much of This story idk if you heard of the song or not but I hope you listen to it cuz it's kinda creepy how much that song sounds like this story.
lizharuharu #5
Well Ji you deserve this, I still hate Emi but not as much as I did before. I do hope that they work things out like even if they get divorced I still hope they work things out. My heart goes out to Seungri though he did what not many could do. Also I kinda want Bigbang to gang up on Ji and tell him that he messed up well more so I want Taeyang to tell him.
Tingster77 #6
Chapter 68: Stay strong Emi! Ji Yong has to come through. Especially now with number two on the way!
Lilylor #7
Chapter 67: Omg!?!?! This is frustrating me like can't they just be happy for once.. I swear they're only happy for one minute and the next they are at each others throat like come on now... I'm sorry to say this but I hate where this is going. I really do....
Tingster77 #8
Chapter 67: Nooooooooooooooo don't go there! Not the maknae! Talk through your problems Emi!
lizharuharu #9
Chapter 67: I called it haha gosh maybe this will wake both of them up. Anyway sorry for getting carried away on my last comment I was in a crappy mood sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Heymama #10
Chapter 67: Maknae ...woohooo!
mikkydragon #11
Chapter 66: update soon.............
lizharuharu #12
Chapter 66: I hate to say it but this isn't my fav chapter I feel like they are back to being the same people that they were a few years back like they are grown af adults start acting like it. Also get them into marriage counseling for gosh sakes, if after that then let them separate. Here's the thing every time I feel like their character has grown they go back to losing that and I have had it with them. They effin have a kid now and if they keep acting like kids than they shouldn't have had one. >:( still think Emi should've come clean as for Ji idk I still feel like he should be angry but not to that point also if he ends up with Nana who I think is a toxic B then eff her
mikkydragon #13
Chapter 65: update soon..........
Tingster77 #14
Chapter 65: That was intense! Waiting for the next update !
lizharuharu #15
Chapter 65: GAH Ji i love you but come on let her speak as for Smi you didn't so wrong. You should've told GD what you were doing before all this happened I'm sorry but it's shiz like this that makes a situation worse then it has to be so yup I blame Emi entirely. I would probably react the sameness as GD.
Lilylor #16
Chapter 65: Omg omg omg please please please update soon I really want to know why she met up with him...
danceforlife #17
Chapter 64: Ji yong and emi just can't catch a break :( I hope emi doesn't cheat on jiyong and I'm kinda sad that jiyong is hesitant when he tells people he loves emi I really don't want nana to come back to this fic. I just emi and jiyong to live happily aver after with their sweet baby.
Rahmita #18
Chapter 64: can't wait for the next update. Hope Jiyong doing something that will make Em punished
Tingster77 #19
Chapter 64: Omg the cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next update.
Chapter 64: are good at messing me up.Your story and Emi looks like the unfaithful Jiyong, I use to read.
well its your as you wish.
Lilylor #21
Chapter 64: See this is the she do that pissed me off. *smh* you have a wonderful man by your side and you go and call your ex to meet up... it better be good news cuz if it ain't I'm done... I'm done... huhhhhhh she just Ughh I kind of pity jiyong he's doing his part. Why can't you just do your part too I mean for crying out loud what's so important that you couldn't tell jiyong that you wanted to talk with soo hyun?? Like I said before, it better be good news or she better be throwing a surprise party for him.... cuz if not I'm done.
lizharuharu #22
Chapter 64: You know I don't trust Emi but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she probably met with that guy because she knew how GD would react. If this turns out to be true then let her face GD's wrath also take away her baby from her if she's unfaithful.
lizharuharu #23
Chapter 63: On the bright side gosh Ji is so cute with his daughter it's sweet.
Rahmita #24
Chapter 63: OMG now i don't like Emi.
lili25 #25
Chapter 63: Aeri is the cutest thing!!!!! I love how Ji is so involved in taking care of her. IDK about Emi, what was that? Are you playing with my heart again, authornim? ಠ_ಠ
lizharuharu #26
Chapter 63: What's with that last sentence gosh Emi I swear I will somehow transport myself into this story and slap you after telling you your truths. If you're cheating on Ji you would've lost any self- respect that you have for yourself and you would also be a shameful person. Deep breath in deep breath out. Sorry I just got really interested in this story.
tchantchan #27
Chapter 62: This is really sweet and nice and like always I'm speechless.. all I can say is that I can't wait!!!
Lilylor #28
Chapter 62: Omg this is too sweet, can't wait to read more about the kid and them together..spending family time lol but let's please lose nana and let's please just have soo Hyun looked as a older brother.
Angel2love97 #29
Chapter 62: Omg! So sweet they share the same birthday! That is a hella birthday present. Thks for the update. P.S. Let's lose Nana please.
Chapter 62: Omgosh
mikkydragon #31
Chapter 61: update soon......
HAHAHA....your Emi is one fickle girl if only woman can have men in her life than she is the one ..hahahahaha
lizharuharu #33
Chapter 61: Guys this is her story if she wants drama let her. Also I think if Emi does do something stupid then that just makes her sad and pitiful she has everything and if she wants to give that up well then she doesn't deserve GD.
tchantchan #34
Chapter 61: Oh boy.. I see is going to happen..
Lilylor #35
Chapter 61: Please just let them be in a healthy relationship and keep it that way. Ugh I feel like the story is going perfectly fine. Please just let them be happy and stop bring drama back into their lives. If you do then nana is going to take him away from her.
Rahmita #36
Chapter 61: What the hell Emi.
danceforlife #37
Chapter 61: Please just let jiyong and emi be together I don't want emi to make a mistake with so hyun so nana has a reason to come back and take jiyong away from her please. Just let them be happy.
mikkydragon #38
Chapter 60: update soon........
tchantchan #39
Chapter 60: You are doing great!! Keep them coming
Chapter 60: Awesome finally a wedding both of them wanted..hahahaha.TQ