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icxxha #1
Chapter 70: Am done ????????????????
Chapter 72: i am happy i found this fanfic! such great twists. love the ups and downs of the plot. ?????? gonna read the fixer next~
hwaseo #3
Really appreciate all your hardwork
Thank you and you definitely deserve an upvote :)
Haeerin #4
glad i found this amazing story!
Chapter 70: YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK OMG btw i really love your writing ( i read this story in just one day lol) and i wanted to know when are you updating the fixer? xoxox
Chapter 68: no please noo
Chapter 55: omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomogmog
Chapter 44: this is so heart breaking...
Chapter 20: ugh i hate him so much....
me24corner #11
Chapter 25: Woooow.. such a beautiful story author-nim! You make me smile,laugh,shy,sad,angry,cry just by writing this. Hope another beutiful story from you!!! Fighting n kamsahamnida!
Chapter 70: OH MY GOD! This is beautiful! During this story I felt angry, sad and happy! This last few chapters I bawled my eyes out!! You did an amazing job! I know I said I would re read it before reading the actual end, but I couldn't, I had to know what was going on before re reading it. I will do it someday, cause I absolutely loved it!! I'll give you a standing ovation! Clap clap clap clap clap beautiful!
Don't know what kind of hate you received, but don't like the style (angst) have a look first in the tags and then see if you want to continue or start reading this story. Little s, giving you grief for such an amazing story..
Either way, good job!! Now go and update the fixer one!
jiyeonyesung #13
is this a love story?if love will be like that i wouldn't want that sorry
Glydehope #14
Chapter 70: Wow! Thank you!
jessicabyun #15
Chapter 70: amazing...thanks for sharing!
mikkydragon #16
Chapter 70: amazing story..........truly beautiful.............i hope you write another magic and best stories ever in the future...........
redmermaid #17
Chapter 70: Thankyou for this story, it's been a rollercoaster ride indeed, hope to see more stories from you :)
hwaseo #18
Chapter 70: I already calm my heart to accept Emi's death but she DIDN'T!
Oh god, if she died i forbid jiyong to marry anyone else,hahaha
Fortunately, they still together and happy ^^
Chapter 70: I always thought that you really know how to pull sound sad and painful,filled with love, anger and all sort of a kaleidoscope of feels..Thank you for making the ending a happy one....Thank you for understanding the hate the love that your readers feel..but somehow it is you great work ..Love it
Lilykwon88 #20
Chapter 70: Awhh I hope all the comment we gave you didn't hurt you. Cuz I swear I didn't mean too. I swear! I don't know about the others but I don't hate you, I actually love you haha no homo but fr. You write such great stories and you have such great plots that gets too me. And I hope that my comments wasn't meant to hurt your feeling because I seriously loved this story. Like literally I died. I always check my aff to see you you updated yet because even thoe the plots get to me I still love this story. Idk about other people but your great! And I really do hope you write another OC. Even though it's not now but in the future. Lol just don't make me wait to long. But besides that OMG I seriously thought emi died.... ugh such a good story. Now what am I gonna read. I've been always waiting patiently for your story and now it's done what am I gonna read. Lol but I hope you don't let the comments bring you down because your skills in writing is the best!!! Fighting!!!
lizharuharu #21
Chapter 70: You're story has made me cry like no other, laugh like no other, fell anger and jealousy like no other. I do not regret reading this story. I remember looking for a oc story with GD and let me tell you it was very difficult then I stumbled upon this and I was like should I give this story a chance? And I did. I know that this was receiving so much hate and in part I feel like I may have contributed to that. I am very remorseful if I ever made you feel that way. Also I don't think this story will be lost i feel like it will grow in subscribers and who knows maybe you will get a feature. It may not be now but it will be soon. Thank you for everything Sansi. I hope to read another story of yours soon. <3
Tingster77 #22
Chapter 70: One of my first Gdragon fanfics and one that never fails to make me happy to see an update status. M sad to see it complete but glad that Ji Yong and Emi had their HEA. Look forward to more of your works. See you at The Silver Throne!
Heymama #23
Chapter 70: Congratzz is an Awesome storry... finale is good.
mikkydragon #24
Chapter 69: update soon..........
hahaha...the cliff hanger makes me worried ..they are so in love with each other that it kills me....why you write such a sad story. l am just addicted to the pain and I still want more .
Lilykwon88 #26
Chapter 69: Why?!?! Why can't they just live peaceful for once. Always arguing for no reason. I'm happy jiyong finally understand that he was at wrong too and it wasn't just emi. But I really do hope that emi tells him she's pregnant instead of him finding out from gahee because jiyong would be soo mad.
lizharuharu #27
Chapter 69: I have feeling I know what is going to happen and I feel sad if it's going to end the ways I think it's going to happen. :(
mikkydragon #28
Chapter 68: update soon..........
lizharuharu #29
So surprisingly I found a song that describes GD and Emi's relationship. It's Eminem ft Rihanna Love the way you lie. It just reminded me so much of This story idk if you heard of the song or not but I hope you listen to it cuz it's kinda creepy how much that song sounds like this story.
lizharuharu #30
Well Ji you deserve this, I still hate Emi but not as much as I did before. I do hope that they work things out like even if they get divorced I still hope they work things out. My heart goes out to Seungri though he did what not many could do. Also I kinda want Bigbang to gang up on Ji and tell him that he messed up well more so I want Taeyang to tell him.
Tingster77 #31
Chapter 68: Stay strong Emi! Ji Yong has to come through. Especially now with number two on the way!
Lilykwon88 #32
Chapter 67: Omg!?!?! This is frustrating me like can't they just be happy for once.. I swear they're only happy for one minute and the next they are at each others throat like come on now... I'm sorry to say this but I hate where this is going. I really do....
Tingster77 #33
Chapter 67: Nooooooooooooooo don't go there! Not the maknae! Talk through your problems Emi!
lizharuharu #34
Chapter 67: I called it haha gosh maybe this will wake both of them up. Anyway sorry for getting carried away on my last comment I was in a crappy mood sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Heymama #35
Chapter 67: Maknae ...woohooo!
mikkydragon #36
Chapter 66: update soon.............
lizharuharu #37
Chapter 66: I hate to say it but this isn't my fav chapter I feel like they are back to being the same people that they were a few years back like they are grown af adults start acting like it. Also get them into marriage counseling for gosh sakes, if after that then let them separate. Here's the thing every time I feel like their character has grown they go back to losing that and I have had it with them. They effin have a kid now and if they keep acting like kids than they shouldn't have had one. >:( still think Emi should've come clean as for Ji idk I still feel like he should be angry but not to that point also if he ends up with Nana who I think is a toxic B then eff her
mikkydragon #38
Chapter 65: update soon..........
Tingster77 #39
Chapter 65: That was intense! Waiting for the next update !