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ethorns #1
Chapter 11: oh my GOD this is one of the greatest fics ive ever read and it's just so GOOD!!! it literally gave me goosebumps everywhere!!! i just cant express well about how good this really was!!!! thank you SO MUCH for making this story!! im so happy!<3
Jaesung27 #2
Chapter 11: omg if this isn't one of the bestest fic i've ever read then I don't know what it is. And I read a lot, a loooooot of fics believe me. Your writing is so great that I could picture the story like a movie in my head. And I enjoyed it so much!
Thank you for your amazing work, it was such a beautiful adventure with the girls!
Chapter 11: This is so good T^T i want more
Chapter 9: Feels trip ~ and seulgi is such a XD
Chapter 7: Mrs.Kang OMG!!!!
Chapter 6: My poor heart I love how they survived this chapter
:( my poor irene baby
Chapter 4: Poor irene ;( !!!!
Chapter 3: Hmmmm I really like this fic I cant stop reading lmao !! Its already 2 am here XD
Chapter 2: Im really liking this :D please Seulgi love Irene
Val1711 #10
Chapter 11: OMG, me enamoré de este fic ;;;
Sopha09 #11
Chapter 11: This is beautiful. I can’t believe I’m late to this.
gorjessie #12
Chapter 11: Thank you so much for the storyyyy! This is beyond beautiful <3
AliceODonnell #13
This story is amazing, thank you so much!!!
51 streak #14
Chapter 11: one of my favourite seulrene fics ever. re read for the third time!
Chapter 11: omg...this is one of the best seulrene fics out there. I hope you'll never delete it cuz i want to reread it in the near future. GREAT FIC! THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHOR-NIM !!
Chapter 11: Ya I am. Xp
Chapter 11: Umm... I might be gay now...
Chapter 11: I'm definitely gay
Chapter 11: first off dang that m tag wasn't expected but I'll take it ;) this chapter is my favorite just because the quote is so- it describes the whole entire story in one quote and I think it's just amazing. did you come up with at quote or did you really read it in a book? also replying ro the author note, I think your English is better than most people on this website and I think this story is incredibly well written. Thank you so much for this story, it's really just.. beautifully imperfect. (wink)

with that being said though.. I think I might be gay?
Chapter 10: "huehuehue" I was going to complain about the angst again but my girl soojung is the REALEST oh my, I'm positive that if it weren't for her, seulrene probably would've took longer to get together.. thank you for this chapter :)
Chapter 9: a few things: first the little peek seulgi took wasn't so little
second “You put her name as ‘Seulgi ♥’ in your phone.” LMAO I DIED AT THAT PART, why is Irene the slower one in this fic haha that's so adorable
third can this fic not have people interrupt the love birds and let them have a proper moment?? it's either mrs.kang, seulho or mrs.bae.. oh my god I think I'm going to die of old age before I live to see the day they don't get interrupted
Chapter 8: what in the angst
Chapter 7: one word to describe this chapter: nodoubtthefunniestandthecutestohmygodwhyisitsofluffy
Chapter 11: wow i must be living under the rock because i just now found out this masterpiece. its beyond beautiful, thanks so much for this :")
Chapter 5: “Because she…?” Seulgi tilts her head, waiting for the continuation of the speech.

I promised myself to read 5 chapters only.. this is kind of a cliff hanger if I leave off here.. I guess I can have some self control but then again I didn't hold back commenting... I can't decide omg I'm so conflicted this story is too good
Chapter 4: let's all be honest here though, nana deserved way more than a slap. A slap is basically letting her go off easy, thank God for Kang Seulgi hopefully slapping some sense into her.. That bringing someone down won't make you shine brighter.. It will just reveal how lowly you are. Even though this chapter was painful to read, it was really nicely written like always. Thank you :)
Chapter 3: gosh I promised myself that I'd leave one huge comment when I finish it but this is way too fluffy so I can't hold back, thank you so much for this story.. I'm trying to savor it but at the same time I'm curious as to what happens next arghh it's so conflicting ahaha
shimar #29
Chapter 11: I'm so glad I found your story, is so good so thank you very much for share it us.
Congratulations on getting featured!
Thousandsunny #31
Chapter 11: i love this fic so much that i can never get enough of it. this is probably the tenth time i’ve read ever this since you’ve completed it about a year and a half ago, but i still experience all those fluttering feelings and other emotions each time i read it. i seriously can’t describe in words how perfect this story is to me. on multiple occasions this past year, i felt that there were no good new seulrene stories being update and during those times, i kept coming back to this story to raise my spirits. for some reason, i’ve never commented on this fic despite reading it so many times, but i really want to thank you for this great contribution to the seulrene community. i think my favorite thing about this story that separates it from so many other seulene stories is that you remember the fact that they’re both girls and they’re both fragile and soft. many writers and shippers feel the need to write seulrene as a straight couple and forget that they’re shipping a girlxgirl pairing and it’s honestly kind of frustrating. seulrene are both sof cuties in real life and i love that you portrayed them as such in this story. once again, thank you for this beautifully perfect ;) seulrene fic <3
p.s. i love your other seulrene oneshots too :)
p.p.s. i love exo as well, but never really shipped taoris because kris left when i first got into them then tao the year after :’( i feel like i would have shipped them after watching showtime, but i forced myself not to in order to avoid the pain
Wow. I'm amazed.
First, this is actually my first time reading a Seulrene fanfiction (I'm a new reveluv) and was because of this courious. When I just read the first chapter, I was impressed and knew that this ff would be good. And it was true. I fell in love with this story. The plot was actually nothing new, a high school ff with first love. But you're writing style, characters and something else that I can't describe, is just perfect .
I myself now think about such things like: "Is this perfect?", or "What should I do now in the future?". I also have my graduation in a few months and actually I'm afraid about my future. I'm not perfect, I have no impressing talent or good looks. I have because of this self doub but then I sometimes also know that nobody is perfect and I'm just one of the imperfects humans. I'm always somehow manage to kill my self doubt and say to myself that I'm unique of my own way.
That's why I really empathize with Seulgi and Irene. You made the both so real, with flaws, problems and humanity. Their love was so new, pure and exciting, just fluffy and lovely. I also love Seulgis character change. It was slow, only piece by piece and that was good. I had already write that this is so close at reality, but this is one thing I love so much about this story. And that Irene went to study overseas was also a good thing. She want to make her dream come true and must developed.
I'm actually really sad that you have this regret. We should chase our dreams and shouldn't regret why we didn't it. But I also think that we learn about our mistakes and regrets. So I hope you now live happy and don't have many regrets.

Okay, I really wrote too much (I think my longest comment ever and my english isn't even good).
In short form, I love this fanfiction and thank you that you wrote 'Beautifully Imperfect'. I enjoyed it so much.
247 streak #33
Chapter 10: Ahh, one more chapter left! Noo :< But this chapter was so sweet aw :3 Maybe not when Seulgi was angry at Irene, but the rest was pretty cute haha It's good that Seulgi was okay with Irene going to the U.S, Irene would probably regret not going some time later in the future. I'm proud of Seulgi ^_^ It's such a pity that you yourself couldn't study overseas when you had a chance, but maybe there will be something good on your way someday! :)
247 streak #34
Chapter 9: Poor Irene. I wouldn't be surprised if she and Seulgi caught a cold. But her running away did something good! Her parents will get closer to Irene I think. It's very good ^-^
Now, that I think of it, no one else have to accept their relationship. What's important is they have each other and their parents, and if someone doesn't understand that they just love each other, then they can go and fxxx themselves >.<
247 streak #35
Chapter 6: Kyaaa, they kissed dhjsgsygdsy How fweaking cute! Aw *u*
Poor Irene, she had to experience such a horrible thing :( The teacher better spend long years in jail and realise what he did was a bad thing. And he better don't show in front of Irene or Seulgi ever!
But I'm so happy for the girls <3 And Seulgi realised her feelings! How good ^o^ I'm proud of her :3
Chapter 11: this is the 4th time I finished re-read this fic. My one of favorites seulrene fics here in aff. whenever I craved for something fluffy I always come here :" Bless you and your imagination! Sumpah ga pernah ga fluttering tiap baca ini. bikin terus pengen meluk guling mulu wkwk.