Can't you tell it's fake??

I am amazed at how some people actually buy all the photos of V and Jennie because one look at it and IT IS SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE. The lighting is so off and the proportions are wrong, heck even the poses are weird.

V's head is bigger, the lighting is obviously from a different source (Jennie is CLEARLY INDOORS or a place where lighting is even, while V is outdoors as the lighting is too bright it creates shadows WHICH WE DON'T SEE IN JENNIE'S FACE), even the way they're stuck together, it's like—WEIRD. Clearly superimposed. It's such a bad photoshop job, it's super cringe.

Do I even need to say why this one is so funny? Hehe, who poses like that? It's like they're posing for a super cheesy fanfiction cover, wtf. (Also what happened to Jennie's hand?? It just blended and disappeared into V's shirt like magic??) XD Again, their heads aren't proportionate to each other and the lighting is TOTALLY OFF, and V's cuffs like, just cuts off at her hair like that? No wrinkling, folding, none. It's flat as a board even if it's supposedly being pressed into by Jennie's head. XDDD (Look at the top of Jennie's head where it meets V's chin?? Wow. So unnatural! No shadows, no spatial depth, no layers, it's totally 2-D!!! Like she is totally a cut-out, haha.)

Look at the TOTALLY DIFFERENT LIGHTING ON BOTH OF THEM!!! V looks like he is under a street light of some sort and Jenny has NO SAME SHADOWS FALLING ON HER FACE WHATSOEVER. The other one is in a different timezone because it is bright day time in Jennie's side and somewhat nighttime in V's LOL! Like they couldn't be farther in a different dimension than in this photograph.

All photos have weird outlines of them (like in bad photoshop), that they're practically cardboard cut-outs. How can some actually believe it is real? I mean, it's almost like they just want to believe it is real??

I don't know if the rumours about them are true, but one thing is for sure:

These are the laziest, most bogus samples of photoshopped pictures I have ever seen! Whoever made this has no skills nor common sense when it comes to photography, lighting, proportion, and realistic composition in general, but worse than that, there are people who are actually fooled by this.

DISCLAIMER: I have only seen several of their alleged photos at a high resolution I HAVE NOT SEEN ALL.

Also, no hate. I am just really shocked that some people are actually fooled by such bad—no, horrendous—photoshop. (Are the newer "leaked" photos better than these?? Too lazy to search because frankly, couldn't care less whether the rumour is real or not. But if these pictures are their only basis of its authenticity, good gods, help us all.)
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