about silent readers

i don't understand how some popular authors actually complain about silent readers, when they could simply get so many upvotes, subscribers and comments just by posting a description to a new story, or more than ten comments to a new chapter they updated. the truest and cruellest silence is when you have updated a fic you work so hard on and get absolutely NO response. no comments, no new upvotes, no new subscribers.
3 weeks ago
think it boils down to expectation. The more popular authors are used to a lot of attention, I guess? I have seen this happen many times, but not here mainly (since I’m new here), mostly on FFnet. There was a super popular author (won’t bother clueing anyone in on her identity), but she wS never satisfied, and it reached a point where she would actually bully her readers to comment or else she won’t update. This person is quite the extreme though. Even if she still gets so many comments and favourites she complains daily and always calls her readers “ingrates”. Many of her readers fell away because she turned into such a prima donna and even if concerned readers politely tried to call her out, she would just lash out and go ballistic whenever anyone so much as insinuated she was wrong or that she was getting out of control. She would often claim that she is the most popular and “well-loved” writer of the ship and even the fandom when in fact she is known for deleting all criticism (not hate, just honest and constructive criticism) and only acknowledging the praises. I guess when you’re popular it can get to your head and make you all sorts of delusional. It’s happens a lot with TV and internet celebrities. The sad reality is POPULARITY DOES NOT EVEN AUTOMATICALLY EQUATE TO QUALITY. There are usually so many greater writers and certainly better plots than the “popular” writers. But people tend to just like what everyone’s liking and jump into the popularity bandwagon. I see and hear about this all the time. The popular authors have clout, but not all of them have anything truly special. They just write what the masses want and often what the masses want isn’t the best. Of course, this is not a strict generalisation, but it is often the case.
justmaybeiguess99 4 weeks ago
I think it's also sad when there's so many subscribers but there aren't any comments though.