lf: na jaemin to my huang renjun (mafuyu, my soulmate. please help me find him!)

i lost contact with this person and i really wish to talk to him soon. these are his details and if you happen to know him or you are him, please send me a message in this aff account.

by the way, i used to have JulietspifinesS- as my old account but i had deactivate that one. i forgot jaemin's aff account too and his kkt but these are the only ones I've remembered.

he lives in Malaysia ooc, gmt+8, english major education course.
pubg mobile lite account: mikayun
met him last 2017 in a rp. i was wanna one's park jihoon and he's kim donghyun which is now in ab6ix. he's account there is dongdonghyunie kim.
we talked in kkt but i forgot his username and I'm not sure if he's even using it.
he used to have a two year relationship with sewoon.
he had this new account as nana jaems but changed into mafuyu bc we decided to have matching names bc I'm yuki.
he have cats in ooc but slowly some of them got lost or dead throughout the pandemic.
he loves nct dream and ab6ix.
last time we've talked in january, he cced to hwanwoong from oneus.
i really wish to talk to him again.. i don't know anymore where to find him.. please someone help me.
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