Leaning on a heavy subject.

hey.i decided to speak up about this bcos i'm tired of feeling lonely and sorry for myself....I do have siblings i could turn to but i'm just not sure how they're going to take it in and if im ever going to be taken seriously...and i'm just incredibly insecure abt everything....however the outcome's going to be..

I wanted to knw more abt eating disorders and people who suffer from it...I haven't been diagnosed with any ED(i'm unsure of it myself) but wht I do knw is that the past couple of months my eating habits and the way I view food has changed WAAAAY drastically than ever before and I feel like i'm using my eating habits to cope with the things thts been going
on in my life....My self esteem is at a low point than i've ever been....My body image is distorted....I just view things differently..

Hoping I could talk to someone who might have these same thoughts and different habits than they used to have when it comes to eating and food in general but you're too scared/confused to reach out....Pls message me or smth....Hoping we could hv a conversation....Thanks!
8 months ago
Just wanted to say that youre not alone in feeling this way. I understand now that overeating is also a form of self-harm. I've been depressed for years because of how I looked and Ive been using food as a crutch for my lack of self-esteem and self-worth. I have been actively neglecting myself. I've thought countless of times how to begin to understand what enough means when living in excess is all I've ever known? The only solution that worked for me is to start caring for myself. I know it sounds cliche but once I actively tried to accept and positively correct myself instead of berating and taking my guilt and shame out on food, binging happened less and less for me. Food was never the enemy, it was me. And once I started to befriend myself and took better care of myself (like exercise, yoga, not) , eating healthy became easier. I think intuituve eating helps too. But most off all, you are not your weight. You are so much more than a number on a scale. Your self-esteem shouldnt be attached to the amount of food you eat. Anyway, sorry for the super long post. You can talk to me whenever you feel alone 😊