The last two months of me seeing my ex in school

Hey guys
I wanna talk for my ex here and for the things that has happened and will happen to us for the next two months I will see him
Because he will finish the school and will go to the university :(
Fjoralda 9 months ago
Everything started just by a acceptation for a dance
Two years ago I had a big crush on someone and later I realised he had a crush on me too
I really liked him
One day at our school's weekly party's that i decided to go after so many of my friends begging me to go. I wasn't the type to go to party's my school did because I would get mocked easily and I hated that but anyways
After going there I spent the most of my time seeing my phone insted of paying attention to the people there dancing and rubbing their asses to their lover ones di*ks
A felt someone touching me at my shoulder and I lifted my head to see who it was
When I saw it was daniel (my crush) istg I was feeling so many things at the same time but I was so happy seeing him talking to him ( I'm sure I have made a stupid smiling face)
He asked me to dance and I accepted him
(The story I wrote 'my y classmate' started this way so sorry if I didn't found any other thing to start it as)

Soo as we were dancing he kept asking me several things such as my fav singers or fav subject etc etc and he had to came and whisper at my ear because of the music and he would bring his body closer with mine
*I was screaming inside all the time I remember that day so clearly*
I had a great time with him
And we started to talk on instagram for 9 months
We grew close and our feelings were mutal and strong

(I'm going to talk for this later because my mum is screaming at the kitchen for me to come and help her. Ugh she can't do a secor without me . Bye bye uwu)