How did you get into Kpop?

Hey people,

Just wondering how everyone got into kpop. I love having discussions with peeps.

What was your introductory group?
When did you find out about kpop?
Did a friend or family introduce you or did you randomly click on a youtube video?
Do you still like your intro group the most?
Do you like all kpop or just some groups?

Anyone into Cpop? I'm learning mandarin right now so if anyone has any good groups to recommend that would be awesome!

How long have you been into Kpop

8 months ago
My introductory group was BIGBANG and also SHINee. I found out about kpop when I was 11 years old back in 2012. My sister introduced me to kpop because she was watching a music video on our comcast on demand channel in the living room and once in saw T.O.P in the fantastic baby music video I was immediately interested and watched other videos with her and I eventually found even more groups on my own on Youtube. I was constantly on Youtube vids that summer. Right now, the groups I like the most are BTS and THE BOYZ for my ultimate favorites. I like many different groups, but mostly boy groups.
8 months ago
@MissMinew Wow, you have a lot of kpop songs in your library. Thanks for sharing!
8 months ago
I got into Kpop because a friend showed me a TVXQ! mv in 2010. I clicked to SHINee's Hello from there and fell in love with SHINee. I consider SHINee and SNSD the first groups I listened to, although it was Super Junior who got me hooked in kpop. While being an ELF for a couple of years, I still listened to SHINee and SNSD and followed their comebacks. In 2013, SHINee hooked me back in and I became a Shawol for real. I've been a Shawol since then, while I've expanded my repertoire of kpop. These days I listen to pretty much every kpop song I like, the artist doesn't matter. I only consider myself a Shawol and an EXO-L, however. I don't have the money or the mental capacity to really /stan/ more groups. But my music library is filled with 3-4k kpop songs and it's still growing.
8 months ago
@EasyIzzy Since you were 6?! Oh my word, that's a long time. I just got into kpop in the last year because my friends wouldn't stop talking about BTS, although the first group I heard about was seventeen. Thanks for sharing.
9 months ago
intro group would be,,, Girl's Generation hands down. Heard into the new world when I was like 6 because my older cousin was getting into kpop. She babysat me and ended up teaching me about the members. I startes to like kpop since then and it's been nearly 10 years. altho im not a SONE, GG still had a special place and i'll forever support them - even now while they promote solo! there's too many groups coming out each year, so many songs to keep up with so i do have fav groups thay i sta,,, i still try to listen to a variety of groups/idols.