Be upfront about crowdfund!

I wish people would be upfront about crowdfund. It pisses me off that I'll read a story I'm really enjoying and BOOM.....crowdfund or story is held hostage. Seriously? When I came to AFF a few years ago, it was free. Now people want you to pay for reading stories. As much as I may love someone's writing, I will not be told I have to pay or wait indefinitely to read more of the story. I don't mind so much if I have to wait a day or two but not 2 months or whatever. Unsubscribe button works for me. Ok.....done ranting.
3 weeks ago
@faeriemythc Happy someone can relate 😗💚
faeriemythc 3 weeks ago
@PappiLovesHoseok Thanks. If someone wants to crowdfund....go for it......just let me know before I get halfway through something. YES!, writing is hard. I only have two stories on here. I have a bunch more that I work on when not taking care of mom or hubs. Take care doll.
3 weeks ago
Oh I agreeeee. Like I write too but if I wanted to be paid I’d be working my to go publish something for real not over ffs. And just to not get reactions like the previous comment I sure know more that anyone how much of a work and headache it takes to write something, but yeah crowdfunding in the middle of the story is like an imaginary er.. pfff I felt your rant into a special level lol
faeriemythc 1 month ago
@fiftymiles Entitled because I want them to be upfront about wanting me to pay and not starting a crowdfund halfway through the fic? Ok...whatever. You're welcome to your opinion. Not sure how entitled I am when living on husband's disability while taking care of my mom who has Alzheimer's....but you do you boo.
1 month ago
wow, how entitled of you to think this way. i guess you must be the type of person who thinks that people should draw for you for free, since you clearly don’t respect the craft of writing as worth any value.