What would you do?

What do u guys think if..
Lets say that you are married to someone you barely know bcs of some family matter. You're married right after you turned 18 when he is slightly older than you by 4 years that time. You just met him for the first time and in a short of time to know each other you are legally husband and wife the next day. Next,you spent your whole 3 years as someone else spouse but still no feeling invoved, he is just as cold as the first time you knew him, just a simple conversation once in a while or special occasion such as birthday celebration,friday night movie or anniversary that you two manage to hold a brief interaction between you. Eventho he provide you house,meals,money and all the necessity you need,make you feel protected, just like how his vow said..still, there is not affection,feeling in between. Its gonna be a lie if you said that you didnt have a slightest feeling toward him when he looks like what you dreamt you others half would be,..well ofc aside from his lack of affection,he is just perfect. At first you thought that maybe that he is just as forced as you re to be with each other,and even have someone else before you tie the knot but he always there with you..always make sure to come back home to you,always make sure that you're safe and worried about you..eventho he showed in action rather than talk to you. Even on his day off,he's home watching some tv shows and walking around in every corner of the house and you two just like a housemate who is out to do anything on your own. But one day, one thing prove that he's also doesnt want to be part in this but still there waiting for somethin that you yourself dont even know what and how to undestand all of this. A divorce paper. He doesnt told you about the paper but you found it anyway. Numb. Thats is all the emotion you can feel at the moment. Helpless.
Okay, it would be a lie if you said in those four year of wasting with each other are made without effort. You tried everything as a spouse should be, just like what a housewife would do,you did all you can do with housework since he pay for you literally for everything from the roof on your head, clothes on your body,you college fees,your everything..you also tried to hold conversation,ask about his day and tried some physical contact that may spark something in between? Hah!! Thats sounds funny but you did..but nothing happened. It is like his heart wont open up for you..and with each passing day it only make you feel like you're fooling yourself, holding for a false hope to build happy marriage life you dream of,even a dream to have a your other half that love you dearly only left you a bitter taste rn . Not meant to be. That may be the the right answer for it. It is a pointing edge of giving up that you felt and you're ready to end of all this beside he's already have that paper ready anyway..right? Surprisingly, on one fine morning you wake up and ready to past your day like normal day you would do..everything turned upside down when he suddently demand you to have breakfast out..together out for the first time..like a date? You have no idea but you accepted it anyways because you thought that oh..why not since havent have your breakfast,right? But with all the excitement shown on you face totally said otherwise. And thats how you find youself swallowing everthing with him suddently explaining the reason he married you (which turned out that,his family and him found out about your late brother traded you for gambling isnt somethin you can digest properly) , he apologized for negleting you, saying that he hasnt been a good spouse, how he's sorry for stolen your freedorm and caging you (didnt i stole yours too bcs of this marriage), and how he couldnt think any other solution except marrying you (saved you). Thats how you find yourself broke down with endless tears or mixed emotions. Thinking back about that time, thats when everything changed..he sarted warming up to you, he is not as cold as he used to be..he exchange words with you freely and even his rare smile flashed every now and then.. he changed..to a better person or more to a better spouse he supposed to be. That morning, wasnt apologize,tears are exchanged but also an opportunity to have a second chance with your marriage..he want to start over with you..
The most shocking one is..he asking you whether if it is okay if tou sign that divorce paper you saw a long time ago..saying that..he want to experience courting you, calling you his girlfriend and as much as he love calling you as his wife, he would like to propose properly and get married with you properly, with the stress of planning , inviting theirs friends and all of that. And he's still fine with anything if you dont want to sign it bcs he too arent gonna lie if he said he doesnt have a feeling for you after years being together.

And this is where the discussion would be..
Do you think signing the divorce paper is good way to restart and know each other deeoly from there or would you just stay the way it is rn bcs you belive that everything is already back in its place like how it should be rather than change it?
7 months ago
Well first you need to not depend on him too much..love is there but still dont depend your needs on him..For some people divorce is moving on...leaving their once loved once..but in your case it is practically very very different...To start a new with your husband as a friend,boyfriend,lover...I think you should start anew by divorcing him..he loves you..just believe in that ...have trust..build new trust with him..open up with him..make new memories...well this can be done without divorce also...but there is large difference between a girlfriend and wife..or(a girlfriend who turned into his wife)..believe me when i say this..you would be really very very happy to be called his long term girlfriend who is now his wife..hope you find it helpful
justmaybeiguess99 8 months ago
Honestly, it’s a hassle if you one hundred percent know you’re just going to sign the papers again legally. Like just do all the lover stuff. Wedding stuff. And dating stuff regularly and propose too. Doesn’t mean u have to divorce just to sign again if you’re sure you’ll be back. BUTTTTT. so like I did read the whole thing. I would personally divorce and then remarry because if you divorce, then you really do take that risk of going through all that to get married agai. And that’s when you really know, oh, we really are in this for eachother.