Shameless plug for my fanfics TT-TT

Hello! This is a shameless plug for my fanfics, Sunrise, Crossed Lines and I Dreamt About You Last Night. They're all about Young K (or Kang Younghyun) of Day6 and Mimi (or Kim Mihyun) of Oh My Girl--an immensely unlikely kpop pair, one that has absolutely ZERO following yet I just seem to be drawn to their possible dynamic and similarities, and lovely visuals. Sunrise is a multi-chapter fanfic that's more or less rated K or T. Meanwhile, Crossed Lines isn't exactly nsfw or graphic, but I placed it under M because of the ~ual tension~ Lastly, I Dreamt About You Last Night is also a rated K or T fanfic. Anyway, it would mean the WORLD if you guys drop by and give them a read! Feedback (of any type actually TT-TT even just one sentence would be GREAT) would be greatly appreciated!

If you read this all, THANK YOU so much! Even just spreading this message would do if you're not down for reading my fics! Again, thanks for reading!
ohbeautifuldelilah 2 months ago
@summerxblessings Wow thank you! It really means a lot!! :)
2 months ago
I have been summoned I see! LOL //don't run away yet, I'm not that weird cough///. I've been looking for new stories to read, actually, so I will be happy to oblige since I love DAY6. I took a look at your writing (I can read any pairing tbh, even if I don't ship it) and it looks pretty interesting. I'll leave a comment (or more) for you as I read through it~