Help please...

I feel like i really need some help. Some might say i need to see a professional but...i don't want to burden my parents with this.
Basically, i've been struggling a lot lately. My emotions are all over the place. In my real life it's barely noticable. But i'm also in rps and there it is. I would get random anger issues. Like, someone says one wrong word and i get all upset at them. And i always feel so bad afterwards. But at that moment it's like i can't think straight. I just feel my heart racing and then things are happening.
It also always affects me ooc when my muse in the rp gets hurt. I often cry because i get hurt in rps. And now i feel like things finally have to change. I don't want to give up rps because i once enjoyed them a lot.
Has someone else once experienced something like that? Or does someone know how to fight those feelings inside of me?
Thanks for everyone who reads this...
9 hours ago
Hi, I have also been in same place before and I used feel guilty for snapping at my family the most...mostly because of thing that helped me most is meditation..i became really calm just in 2 weeks like that..try yoga and meditation can really really help you
themazecrawler 2 months ago
@gidae1 :) aww shucks you made me blush
2 months ago
Hello! I have actually recently gone through something similar and it got to the point where it was affecting me mentally. Like what the previous people have said, I think it’s best for you to take a break from role playing. That doesn’t mean you have to completely leave it, but it would be good to take a break from it. That’s what I’m currently doing right now and I’m just focusing on myself. I wish you the best of luck! ^^
gidae1 2 months ago
@themazecrawler Thank you. I also just want to find a place where i belong but that's so hard. I'm glad you found your outlet and hopefully i will find mine as well one day.
gidae1 2 months ago
@Lidashen Hey, thank you. It really help me to hear your opinion about this. I do agree that stopping rps might be the best idea. I decided to give this one more try. If things go wrong again then i will stop. At least for a longer time. Maybe a new hobby will really help me.
themazecrawler 2 months ago
But I found an outlet. I found it kinda embarrassing tto open up to my friends and family so I took up writing. Writing makes me feel refreshed, if I'm in a bad mood I write sad stories . if I'm happy, I write funny ones. I suggest you find your outlet. And if this suggestion doesn't help,still don't give up
themazecrawler 2 months ago
Hi, I really know how you feel like. Or maybe I don't because its a sentence many use to make others feel better when in fact its a straight faced lie ..... and I don't want to lie. I wanted ,for such a long ttime,to feel like I belonged. I knew my family wouldn't understand. Where I come from, feelings such as these go unrecognized. So I learned to hide them from the public eye but when someone said something wrong , at night I would hhide under my covers and cry.
2 months ago
I am no professional so I can't diagnose anything and I do recommend professional help, but since you don't want to burden your parents then you'd just have to take some times off RPS to see if it would help you out. Since you mention that in real life it's barely noticeable, probably because you meet people and talk to them face to face so you can better calm yourself down. While online for rps you might have anxiety trying to guess or understand just reading messages and words, unless you do the face to face thing but it's not as better than meeting in real life with people.

If it came to the point of you crying over something that you once enjoyed then you should really cut it back. A new hobby might be better. The reason you get emotional over something is mostly because you get attach to it. Try your best to limit it so you slowly detach yourself from it so it won't control you.

I experienced emotional fluctuations often when I'm stress or worried about something and then it went over to my hobby where I lash out at it, it was bad. I had to cut it off.

I hope you'll feel better and still enjoy what you like.