I honestly have new clue how to use them or know of any good shops. So if anyone could please explain them to me and recommend some shops, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
3 months ago
@ann1914 This is so helpful. Thank you!
3 months ago
If you want to learn about marketplace layouts, I made a tutorial here (you can also see my own layouts there):

You don't need to learn about coding to use marketplace layouts. They're also easy to apply for stories.

Now if you want to use codes, you'll have to copy and paste them to the 'Source' editor (which is found while editing/inputting descriptions). Click it again to see the layout and edit them as deemed fit. Some layouts, however, look weird while you edit them but they look fine when you publish the chapter so don't be alarmed. And in other cases, it's better to edit them while on the 'Source' editor.

Hope this helps!
3 months ago
@KwonJiyongsWaifu Thanks!
3 months ago
I have no idea about layouts either, but I've found some shops that have been updated recently (so I know they're active lol)


Blissful Tints:

Finire is the most recently updated (dec14), and Blissful Tints was updated about a week ago