Help me find this fanfic!!!!

I read this around 6 years ago, but don't remember the year it came out.
Main character was Kyuhyun and it talked about the inner workings of SM and trainee life. Like they had to be respectful to seniors and practice late yada yada, if not then they were hit with a broom (?). Leeteuk was leader and took on a big role in disciplining him and making sure he didn't go wild.

Then later on they debut and he messes up one of his notes but then somehow becomes trending. And then he gets close with his manager-hyung and the sappy bromance was really nice. Then there's another arc later where Henry joins + I think someone who was his bully before?

Pls help me find it :( I've been wanting to read it again but none of my keywords are helping.
It's basically a fanfic that follows Kyuhyun from predebut, debut, success. No or romanace or anything. Just good ol character development.
2 months ago
I know what fic you're looking for. Unfortunately, the author deleted and I hear she doesn't want us speaking about that fic anymore (sad too. That was one of my favorite fics T_T) but it was called Kyuhyun It's Been Hard On You