a message from a roleplay admin.

Hello to our future gods and goddesses I would like to start by saying thank you. 

Now, our roleplay is a bit of a crazy one, its multi au, general roleplay. Here is a place where its absolutely up to our members about who they wish to be. Freedom and peace, fun and havoc all at the same time. Kagame is a free space

Meaning... Kagame is multiau. Not something you see everyday we are well aware of that. HOWEVER he are also bringing something else that is new to the plate of the AFF roleplaying community: Anime. With the addition of anime you are free to join as your favorite anime character, change characters between anime and kpop muses, and even vventure into the universes that the anime's bring in. But it is only optional, you could choose to leave your anime character in the modern day era if that particular au is something too strange or difficult to keep up with over longer periods of time..

To those that just pass on by, give it some thought and come back to see us, our current members would love to get to know new people, and our admins are working their butts off behind the scenes trying to bring in new members. With limited time before the new year we were hoping to have a new years revolution of one simple thing.

Equality between communities.

We all love kpop, and alot of us like to watch anime..

This is why Kagame was created: its something new and exciting. For months now I (Admin Natsu) Have been venturing into a new territory. And I know that alot of you out there wish the same thing: New, Fresh, Something not boring. For a few weeks i tested out this style of roleplay through freelance roleplay, and quite a few people actually said to me that this was something that they had always wanted to try but were too afraid to because itt wasnt in the norm, and that they were afraid of being ignored.

I have that same fear with Kagame.

I have been very close to just deleting the thread completely it took about a week and a half of advertising, making blog posts, even talking to the admins of another roleplay for some help, before we had our first applicants, and still it is a struggle. Yes its new, and new things scare people. But. You never know if youre going to like it or not, if you dont give it a chance.

So, I am asking, give us a chance, try something new, come and venture into the unknown and see for yourself if you truly dislike this sort of thing. If you dont then you are free to leave. But in the reality of things.

​​​​​​​Kagame is just a roleplay, with a few extras thrown into the pot.

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