HELP! Urgent Request for a Graphics Shop!

Hi! I need some assistance. It's been a long time since I used AFF, and a long time since I posted any stories. But, I'm finally getting back into it, and I'm about to start publishing a new story. So, I need a graphics shop to design a cover for me. But, since it's been probably three years since I used one, all the ones I followed are long dead and inactive. So! Please suggest graphics shops I can request stories from!
5 months ago
i'd suggest you this shop :
5 months ago
I'd suggest Lazy Graphic Shop, Kurogane Art Studio and The Merry Graphic Shop :3
Here are the links to their profiles:

Lazy Graphic Shop:


Merry Graphic Shop:

Check out their profiles and see who you think would be best for your story.
P.s Merry Graphic Shop is having prizes rn. Everyone who requests get 100kp and 50 wall posts
^They're closing on 30th Nov so do it soon