does anyone ever think it’s weird that...

when we fall asleep in the car, we wake up when we get to our house? or just before we pull up into our driveway?

i don’t know if that happens to you, but it happens to me all the time. the same for the friends i’ve asked.
girafferabbit 3 months ago
SAME. Not only my house. I swim a lot (like 4 times a week) and whenever I turn into the road of the pool I'll wake up. I can recognise the route in my sleep XD
3 months ago
body moves at the same speed as car does and when car stops it can jerk you awake because your body is still in motion while car came to sudden rest.
Now that's my theory but if only state of motion and Newton's laws were only culprits then you would be waking up at traffic signals too and if you aren't waking up traffic signals then it might be something else~
3 months ago
Maybe it is instincts? Or our subconscious telling us that's we arrived?
3 months ago
Yeah, I wonder why???