How to deal with this situatuion?

hi, guys!
I want to ask you how to deal with this situation,
I have a friend who is not an army, but likes korea too.
I've been friends with her for the last half of the year and I never know I've been telling her about bts and especially my bias suga make her likes bts too, but for the past few weeks she told me she likes suga too, I think she's just kidding but, she told me how she can love suga and a few days ago dream of him.
somehow I feel annoyed and do not like her like that, she knows i'm an army and my bias is suga, she told it as if I'm okay to hear it but actually not. I just gave her a short answer and a fake smile.

I dont know how to deal with it.
I guess if you're in my position you know what it feels like.
because the bias is not just an idol that is admired.

you know? people I dont know I can be jealous of her,
and if it's my friends i would be jealous too. really.

and my seatmate feeling what i feel too, because she is an ikonic.
and she want to remind 'that friend' but because we that close, it's difficul to say it.
2 months ago
Well, try to be a little more open-minded. Be happy for Suga that he has gained another fan, instead of being jealous. Suga has thousands and thousands of fans that probably love him with the same or bigger intensity than you do - you can't spend your time being jealous of all of them, right? Besides, your long-standing friendship is more important than both of you liking the same musician who neither of you personally know/ a musician who doesn't know either of you. You definitely should work on your jealousy: try to be more supportive of her and bond with her over this instead of getting jealous and upset. Her listening to BTS and liking Suga for less days than you have doesn't mean you get a bigger claim over him. Put things into perspective: you're a valued fan, but Suga has his own life outside of his fans. You should, too. Don't put him on a pedestal, don't cut your friends out just because you like him. Instead of focusing on your love for someone who doesn't know you exist, focus on maintaining a good friendship with her who you know personally! Learn to balance the two. I hope you manage to control your jealousy!
2 months ago
I've read your comments. and that's right, I should be glad to have friends who like suga too, I can have fun fangirl about it.
but maybe she suddenly said that, I can accept the fact but not so fast.
and I'm also too possessive.
I have to see the fact that many people around the world are likes suga, and I should be glad that my friend can like bts like I do.

I just feel so unwise that I do not think long about this problem.

so, thank you, guys :))
2 months ago
I remember when my brother indroduced me to BTS and VIXX, every time I fangirled over his biases he would always get all defensive beucase if I fangirled over Ravi or rap monster it was like I was fangirling over his own boyfriend. I just learned not to fangirl too much over them and focus on my own biases in BTS and VIXX. I think it's amazing that you have the same biases and if you do have a problem with it, let your friend know, because true friends stick around through thick and thin.
2 months ago
I remember in 2014, my friend told me how she liked kpop so over the summer when I was bored I looked it up and found exo and immediately fell in love w luhan. So when when school started again I told her about how I liked exo and luhan, and she was super excited cause luhan was her fave too, and now we had another thing to bond over and talk about. So honestly, don't be jealous because lets be real, Suga has TONS, MILLIONS of people who love him worldwide. So having and irl friend who also likes him, use it as an opportunity to have something to talk about. Like you guys can fangirl together over his performances or selcas or funny things he does or what have you. Use this as a way to be happy that Suga has another supporter in the world who really enjoys him and what he does. Share ur love of him w her so she can share her love of him w you too and you can fangirl together and make jokes about it and have fun!
goldteacup 2 months ago
I'd be thrilled honestly, if you have the same bias you can fangirl happily knowing she likes him as much as you do. I never have anyone to share Baekhyun's perfection with, except with random people online!

Remeber Suga has a family and close friends, and will get married and go on with his own life. It's great you admire him, but you also have to accept the reality that you aren't in his life
2 months ago
my bias is junmyeon, and if my friend say he or she started to like junmyeon, i would welcome them warmly. you know, i love junmyeon too much too.
2 months ago
i understand, but hey, if i were you, i would be happy if my friend started to have feeling or started to like my fav too.
2 months ago
(stupid enter key >_<) Anyway, I think you are lucky to have a friend who can understand your love for an idol and you can even fangirl with them. Maybe, you should ask yourself why you became friend with them first to see what you really want.
2 months ago
I understand how you feel about the whole bias thing but you need to remember that before being your bias, and also an idol, he is a human being. You, We, can't possess someone, it's just impossible. It's sad to say it but idols don't know us personally and even if they love us because we love them, it will never be the same with friends or family. Don't make him a priority in your life list. Take care of real relationship. Like MissMinew said he's not yours exclusively and you may have to choose between them.
2 months ago
I think you need to look in the mirror and realize what's more important; an friendship with a person that's right beside you or a metaphorical relationship with a man that doesn't know you exist. I have never understood the possessiveness of being jealous of your friends biasing the same person as you - I mean, I can say with certainty that there are plenty of ARMY's that bias Suga as well. He's not yours exclusively. That's a fact.

So what is it that you want to remind your friend of? That she's less important than a Korean singer to you? That she cannot like the same music and/or artist as you because you're so possessive you can't share the joy of both loving the same artist?

It sounds to me like you'll have to make a choice. Either you tell her straight out you don't want her to bias Suga because you're so jealous you can't share (and that she's less because you've chosen Suga over her) or you tell her that your jealousy is something you're working on but that your friendship is worth more and that you value her.

No matter what you choose, you should probably work on that jealousy, to be honest.
2 months ago
If I was in your place...but since I have only 2 friends who are army's and also they are really my besties do if anyone if them said that they like jimin, mostly likely reaction of mine is to beat her and then simply say, no , he's mine and only mine... Or else I'll with saying I'm liking suga nowadays since her bias is suga