anyone asian and living under traditionalist parents?

man, i'm just feeling down bc of them so i would like to connect with anyone that just kinda knows the cornered feeling when yelled at
i'm just upset that my mother doesn't seem to care what i feel. like i understand that she cares but how she shows that with her hurtful words and violence doesn't get across to me. what i need is emotional support, not 'you live under my house so do what i say'. society is changing and some parents don't know about it.
what do you think about these types of people?
2 months ago
I think this is pretty typical for asian parents, especially the older generations. I feel like men in asian families care but they don't sit down and talk with their children about hardships, emotions, etc. It's like they think it's not appropriate to show feelings and give emotional support because they have to act tough all the time and thus, this kind of puts a strain on relationships nowadays because we've transitioned from a society that was strict to more open. My mother is more lenient and understands the shift thankfully. She listens to me and I think it's because I've opened up to her a lot when I was younger. I've cried in front of her, let my feelings out, and it's made me really close to her.
2 months ago
I actually cried today for the similar reason.usual. my dad doesn't care bout me. I mean yea he does but from my point he looks like he's only torchuring me for studies and I'm not able to focus because of him and stress. My mom doesn't help either.
2 months ago
I have a friend that suffers from the same problem. I myself do not experience this because my parents are not that kind of people, luckily for me. My friend, however, is a female, despite being a firstborn and now fully grown up with full time job, is still living with her parents. She isn't allowed to go anywhere without her mother's permission, no staying over unless her mother knows the friend she stays with beforehand, she has curfew. Even though she is just hanging out with a friend (me, for example), her mother will begin to protest if she does not come home around 6 pm, even though she has told her where she is. Her mother still nags about clothes she wears, makeup she chooses. My friend said it herself that as long as she lives with her parents, she lives under their rules, no matter how old she is. I honestly can't stand such people because I am used to get things done my way and my family has always been very supportive towards my decisions and open to discussion if my choice is a bit extreme or seems off. I know how strict Asian parents could be and how the discipline creates gap between parents and children so that children can't get emotional support fully (they don't even feel brave enough to initiate discussion, especially about grades and difficulties at school).