Where do you create your graphics?

Hi ^^

I’m fairly new here on aff so please mind my immaturity hehe ^.^
I want to create posers and graphics but I have no idea where to start. What apps or websites etc do you use? Which are the best in your opinions? I hope you can help a fellow noob out!
Thank you ^-^
3 months ago
if you dont want to use photoshop (since you need to pay for it), you could use GIMP. its more or less like photoshop. 100% free. just download, install, and you are ready to make your poster. i still use it until now. in fact, i use GIMP to make all my poster.
Jidaragon 3 months ago
@HoneyCoffee Thank you!!
3 months ago
When I first started making graphics for myself, I first learned the basics of Pixlr Editor/Collage (it's free and there are tutorials on how to create a png transparent, vectors, book covers, etc...on it) I also used Canva, it's a graphic tool that gives you templates for books and banners, provides nice text fonts, and also has a few free vector graphics (there are some that require payment, but overall it's free-to-use).
Jidaragon 3 months ago
@PastelWolf88 Ooh thank you!! That’s so helpful ^^ haha I forget there’s tutorials for everything on YouTube now xD
3 months ago
for graphics you could use any kind of photoshop app. adobe photoshop is probably the best photoshop, but I think you have to pay for that one. (unless there's a free trial, of course... I'm not sure.) then there's picsart. it's okay. I've used it. I've also used drawing software krita, that is very multi-purpose software. however, it's not photoshop... and, off to youtube! go watch tutorials!