War on Pants

Hi there.
So, I have been more than frustrated lately because I'm in the dire need of new pants (given how I only have one pair left which kinda fits but really is my only option to wear should I wish not to look like a small child who stole her father's obviously far too long pants). Anyways, to get to the point, I need new jeans. However, with my wonderful statue of 5 ft. (153 cm) and with a needed inseam of 25 inches (64 cm) - because otherwise I end up looking like a complete utter mess because either my crotch is up way too high or is way too low - I have seriously no idea where to buy proper jeans. I have looked around the entire internet, but much to my dismay, even the pants for those considered "petite" the inseams start at 28 inches. Conclusion: again, too long for me. Now you might be wondering, why not buy pants that are too long for you and just redo the size of the pants' length? Well the problem there is that the inseam is too long so I often end up with a mixmatched crotch. I've heard of the trick to simply go the children's section but the problem there is that the pants often don't fit my waist or backsize. Does anyone have any tips for this desperate small person who just wants a normal pair of high waisted, black skinny jeans?
2 months ago
I'm not really a fashion person and I definitely don't do jeans, but I had a similar problem like you when I used to wear jeans (except it's a bit different since my problem is usually that the jeans are too short but fit ok or they're too tight and too short).

I would recommend buying jeggings for children? Looks and feels like jeans, fit like leggings to some extent.

I personally gave up on my war with pants and just started wearing leggings and skirts all of the time (or just really long sweaters/shirts).

Hope that helped! (Though I have serious doubts it did LOL).