faults in bbh

what happened tho??? i wanted to continue reading but it wasn’t there 😭😭 i thought it was my phone at first but it wasn’t:((
Avery-Tane 2 months ago
Please update it again, I just started reading it and literally my heart breaks because I can't read it til the end. Please, It would make me really happy, please!
lena6104 2 months ago
Dear #Blehmeh please please upload it againπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ’”
2 months ago
i was looking for it too! just noticed today :(
goldteacup 2 months ago
According to some comments, I think blehmeh got mad people kept reposting her story and decided to just delete them (the faults in PCY and the drabbles too):( she has other awesome CB fics you should check out, though!