What stories do you consider to be "classic"?

As readers, is there a fic of your favorite group that is considered to be classic? Or maybe there's more than one? A fanfiction that literally everyone knows of, no matter what ship they favor. What is it? Comment below. I'd just really like to see what you guys consider a classic story in the fandom.
3 months ago
Anterograde Tomorrow, the exostans' legendary fanfiction
girafferabbit 3 months ago
For exo, 10080, 48 hours, anterograde tomorrow and exo 2030 are big ones
3 months ago
I second what @kjms29 said. 'Looking for Angels' is the only fanfic that was able to make me actually cry. It might not seem like a very popular fanfic on AFF, but like almost all the fanfic-reading locksmiths have read it on Soshified.
3 months ago
My favourite group is snsd and I think 'Looking for Angels' is one of the fic which everybody know and maybe read in our fandom. Maybe because the main ship is Taeny which is the most famous ship but it's a really good read, which I will gladly recommend to anyone (if you like drama and tearful fic, it's just perfect)