Korean Drama Recommendations

Hello everyone! I recently started watching Kdramas again after not having watched any for 2yrs. I just finished Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and absolutely fell in love with the plot and characters and rekindled my addiction for kdramas haha. What kdramas do you guys recommend? It doesn't have to be romcom (although it is preferred but I'm willing to watch other genres).

Thank You! I hope y'all have a nice day/afternoon/evening! :-)
6 months ago
This discussion is older but I'm going to give my list of recommendations anyway, this applies to you if you're looking for unique and original storylines :)

Hogu's Love - centres around a twenty-year-old who's never had a girlfriend and finds himself taking care of his high school crush's baby (bad description but try the first episode anyway) (Choi Woo-Shik, Uee, Lim Seoulong)

King of Dramas - depicts the behind the scenes of a drama and focuses on an aspiring scriptwriter and a washed out producer who's trying to make it big again in the drama industry (Jung Ryeo-won, Kim Myung-min, Choi Siwon)

The Package - set in France, four or five different storylines of different travellers while they go around France but it's centred around the tour guide (Jung Yonghwa from CNBLUE, Lee Yeon-hee)
6 months ago
Here are some of my all time favs:
-Scarlet Heart: Ryeo/Moon Lovers (bc I’m Baekhyun trash)
-Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go (VIXX’s N)
-Moorim School (not that good of a drama, but there’s VIXX’s Hongbin)
-Andante (bc I’m also Kai trash and it’s funny)
Eunyeon12 7 months ago
While You Were Sleeping
Uncontrollably Fond
Legend of the Blue Sea
All Kinds of Daughters in Law
7 months ago
Hi :) some of these are recent. some are not.

- Fated To Love You (Both Taiwanese and Korean versions are great~)
- Uncontrollably Fond
- Two Worlds
- Doctors
- Oh My Venus
- Oh My Ghost
- Naeil Cantabile
7 months ago
I agree. Do Bong Soon is one of my most favorite dramas, but allow me to recommend some more for you who knows we have the same taste! Here you go a few list and trust me THEY ARE ALL GOOD (sorry if you have watched them!):

1. Legend of the Blue Sea (Absolute favorite! If you know Jeon Jihyun, she's from My Love From the Star and she is back with her funny act like I swear she is naturally funny. Very RECOMMENDED if you haven't watch it!)
2. Goblin (Another absolute favorite! It's sweet. You're not only going to fall for Gong Yoo as the main lead, but also Lee Dongwook as the second main male (and their bromance hahahaha). I RECOMMEND if you haven't watch. There's also Woo Tak from While You Were Sleeping here, but only appear as cameo.)
3. The Master's Sun (Another absolute favorite hahaha.)
4. Blood (If you heard about Ahn Jaehyun and Goo Hyesun, they're the cast of this drama! This was long ago before they got married. I LOOOOVE IT SO MUCH- it's a vampire drama but trust me you'll love it. There's also Woo Tak from While You Were Sleeping here.)
5. W / Two Worlds (A drama telling how a girl meets a male character of a webtoon. Sounds fluffy, but it's more than that! VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCH. Lee Jongsuk in here is just BEYOND hot, as a CEO especially.)
6. Pinocchio (I watched this during my last summer holiday with my mom, and we watch it like everytime. Even when we're having lunch at home lol. And this drama is good af in making us cry like a river. Like damn. We were crying while we eat HAHAH watch if you haven't! Jongsuk is the main lead again.)
7. While You Were Sleeping (Bae Suzy and Lee Jongsuk! It's currently a hit, I'm guessing you've heard of this. The whole concept is great, and I like it and it's still ongoing at the moment. I don't know if I will continue though.)
8. My Love From the Star (if you haven't. Like I said above in number 1 hahaha. Jihyun was here before Legend of the Blue Sea).
7 months ago
I'd like to recommend some:
1. Because This is My First Life (it has an interesting plot in the midst of slice of life, a romcom)
2. While You Were Sleeping

I'm currently enjoying the number one, it's nice drama to dig in.
itsohmira 7 months ago
@girafferabbit @girafferabbit Oh really? Haha, tastes differ after all! I still need to watch School 2013 though 😔
7 months ago
While you are sleeping...
girafferabbit 7 months ago
@heartlesscity Actually I found W q boring?? Like I gave up halfway through XD But I agree all the dramas in the School series are great, and I have a soft spot for school 2013
7 months ago
*Solomon's Perjury - I recently finished this and it's so good... but also kinda sad, not gonna lie. It's on netflix btw
*White Christmas - Highly recommend this drama, especially if you like Solomon's Perjury. It's kinda short though (8 episodes)
*Fated to Love You (Korean adaptation) - just a cute romcom drama
*Special Affairs Team TEN - super good crime/suspense type of drama, there's two seasons
7 months ago
hwarang and ruler:master of the mask are bad recs to me tbh
I'd recommend you to watch Secret Love Affair, for a heavy mood balance to rom-com
itsohmira 7 months ago
'Ruler: Master of the Mask' is also a good one! If you like historical dramas, that is. I never liked them until I watched this drama. Yoo Seungho, Kim Sohyun and Myungsoo (aka L from Infinite) are in it and their acting is amazing! It's a total of 40 eps, but each ep is 30 min so you'll get to binge-watch it anyway! After watching this one, I started to watch Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. This one made me cry so much. The ending had such a big impact on me that I wanted a second season so badly. Lee Joonki nailed it, really.

I'm currently watching Marriage Contract (2016) and I like it so far. I think it's going to make me cry later on but I don't mind lol. I also started watching Cheese in the Trap but haven't finished it yet. While You Were Sleeping is also recommended! OH, have you seen W - Two Worlds? It's starring Lee Jongsuk and seriously, that drama made me like him so much and his acting is just 10/10!

Cruel City, That Winter The Wind Blows (melodrama, get yourself a tissue box), Secret Love, School 2015. Other dramas I haven't watched yet but seem popular are: School 2017, Mad Dog, Weightliftinf Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Father Is Strange.
girafferabbit 7 months ago
If youre okay with mystery, i recently watched Solomon's perjury and it was rly rly amazing
7 months ago
i'm watching While You Were Sleeping now and it's really good! 10/10
charchar123 7 months ago
@CamBee Aww thank you I'll definitely check them out!
[deactivated] 7 months ago
These are my faves so far. I hope you like them!
[deactivated] 7 months ago
Hwarang. Master Devil Don't Kiss Me. Scarlet Heart Ryeo. High Society. Cinderella And Four Knights. W Two Worlds. Queen Of The Ring. Love In The Moonlight. Andante.