I'm thinking of writing a series and calling it 『influence』but i don't really have a plot idea and worst of all i have like 8 fanfics still uncompleted that i really lost interest in. And idk how to write a series cause idk how to end one story without actually ending the whole thing. And every time I start writing something big it ends up being nothing and i forget all about it. I really need help with plots and co writing. Also, i feel like all my stories are basically the same and it's getting kinda old. Sorry i'm not very creative :( I'll try harder even though no matter how hard i try i'll always . Idek why i started wring ffs when i barely like reading and it gives me headaches. Idk. I guess i just get bored. But anyways, i need help with like everything.
5 months ago
Mind if I give you some tips to not lose motivation or how to destroy writer's block? .-.
1- kill someone
2- ask this question "what could go wrong?" And write exactly how it goes wrong
3- switch the pov from your current character to another
4- stop writing whatever scene you're struggling with and skip to the next one you want to write
5- write the ending
6- use a scene prompt
7- read someone else's writing
These are just some things I use when I don't know how to continue. In my opinion, I think you should finish the stories you already started because they'll accumulate even more... I know from experience :)
I hope this was of any help