Hey authors, read this.

3 Reasons Explaining Why You Should Request at My Voice Advertisements
(sorry it's a little long)

Reason #1: I genuinely want to help other authors get more readers and subscribers.

Q: How do I find walls to post on?
A: I basically just find stories that have the same tags as yours, and advertise to the users subscribed to those stories. Of course, I always make sure that I’m advertising to someone who has logged onto their account sometime in the past week, but if I have a hard time finding walls to advertise on, I’ll advertise to users whose last log in was in the past 2 weeks. I always check peoples’ statuses to see if they have a msg about ads. I’ll be honest with you and say that I don’t take the time to check About Me sections if it doesn’t say to in their status. 
Recently, I’ve been growing a habit of copying the usernames of those subscribed to the story I’m advertising, and pasting them onto a blank document on google docs. I do this to make sure I don’t advertise to someone who’s already subscribed to the story. Now, I don’t do this all the time. I only do it if the story I’m advertising has less than 400 subs, and if I don’t have to search over 300 names. I mean, I don’t want to waste my time checking 500 usernames for a story with only 200 subs; there’s a 100% chance of me advertising to over 300 people who are not subscribed to the story. I don’t wanna waste my time checking usernames. It takes like 10 seconds for me to check a username, and if I checked 300 of them, that would take 50 minutes of my time. I also don’t wanna waste even more of my time copying and pasting 300 usernames. It takes me like 6 minutes to copy and paste 300 usernames. Just imagine it; copying and pasting usernames in groups of 12 for 6 full minutes. Doesn’t sound too great, huh? If anyone has a better and quicker solution for this, please tell me about it.
I might not have the lowest prices (I try to keep them reasonable though), and my service might not always be the fastest, but I do do my best to work efficiently.

Reason #2: Even with no karma points, you can still request.

No, this doesn't mean you can get ads for free when you have over a hundred karma points. What I'm saying is that authors who really have like no karma points can talk to me privately or something and I'll make a deal with them.
But there are special packages to choose from. You could get 100 wall posts and a month feature in the shop's foreword free of charge just because your story has less than a hundred subs. You could also get 40 wall posts and a blog for promoting the shop in a blog post.

Reason #3: The Client of the Year thing.

Every year (hopefully), starting on 01.01.18, I'll be giving a special gift to my most loyal client. Requests such as SP1, SP2, and 10 wall posts are still considered requests. This isn't based on who spent the most karma points here or who requested for the most wall posts. The gift I'll be giving to the client of the year is a spot on the advertising calendar. You choose a date, and I'll place a bid that'll surely beat the rest.
Since I decided to add this to the shop, I removed the free passes so I could save up on my karma points. Nowadays people need like 10K karma points to win the bids. I might have to ask people to donate KP in order to keep this going, but if the majority of you find this client prize as just a waste of karma points then I might just remove it from the shop entirely. 
I was also thinking of doing something with the hourly bids, but I feel like many people find it useless.

Here's the link to the shop in case any of you guys wanted to check it out.