Any layout designers?

Hi! I'm looking for a willing and patient layout designer. I need a layout, but it's not that urgent. I have kind of a specified idea of what I want, but I'm not sure if everything I wish for is even possible.
I need help and I'd really appreciate it if someone was willing to sacrifice their time and hard work. It wouldn't be for free, obviously. I know how much work goes into codes.
To anyone that would like to help me: you can contact me here, on my twitter, deviantart (both jiaaera) or kakaotalk (aerajia).
Thank you so much!
7 months ago
@JiaAera I'll PM you so that we can work this out. ^^
7 months ago
@ann1914 Hi. Thank you so much! ^^
So, this is how I see it (kind of)
But the thing is, I really want to keep it tiny (small fonts and small brackets).
However, I'm open for suggestions. I'm not the best in layout designing, so if you have any better ideas, please do share! :D
7 months ago
I'm not that great at coding since I just code for fun but I could give your request a try. It can be a good sign that you have a specific idea for your layout. I usually just code whatever comes to mind along the way (which is probably why I mostly take a day to code most of my layouts, ahaha~). Anyway, if you're still looking for a coder, I'm free these days and can need some other form of distraction.

Here's my portfolio for layouts:

And my latest layout is this one (which is free for grabs/codes are available):