New story idea

Is anyone intrested in reading a story based off of RWBY? The plot will be different I’m just going to take that world then put snsd and other kpop idols in. If you dont know RWBY its like a anime but not really its a world where there are huntresses and hunters fighting against grimm. (evil monsters that are drawn to evil,fear, and pain.) The hunters and huntress have a special ability called semblance and have personalized weapons. Anyways let me know in the comments!:)
Icedeer227 7 months ago
@YeojaUiMongsang Alright thanks!
7 months ago
YOOOOOOO! Tell me why I have had the exact idea to do this too! Aye!

Like no lie, about like a year and then some ago, I came up with a story idea inspired by RWBY. I currently have a different story already that has to do with peeps at a weapon school and stuff like that, but I also wanted to do more with them and all the weapon fighting, and at the time I had RWBY on the brain so I thought to do something like it to satisfy my weapon fill! Like, I've already got the idea set up in my documents on MS Word, and now you bringing it up is even getting me in the mood to try and work on it a bit haha.

I think it would be epic to make a story inspired by RWBY. Not only because it could seem super cool, but I feel like (and thb just personal wanting too lol) AFF needs more action and supernatural stuff like this, and I'm sure there will be peeps who will find it interesting. So, if you really wanna give it a shot and do it, I say go for it!