Is anyone having trouble editing their stories?? Help me please!!!

Hey everyone, quick question, when you are editing a story on a mobile device, are you able to highlight more than one word at a time or no? Cuz every time I try to edit my stories on my phone (which is my only source of anything to do with internet right now), it will only allow me to highlight one word. Help me please!!! I won't be able to post my stories like this!!
7 months ago
Try editing you story via AFF mobile app :)
7 months ago
You can try to drag the cursor when it’s highlighted? But if anything it’s easier to just text on notes then copy and past it’s what I do~
7 months ago
Me too. It's happened when I was editing my stories. I think it happened because of the block right clicks. So it was difficult for us when we're using a mobile for editing.