Let us tell each other wierd habits^^

Let's do it for fun.

* I talk to myself all the time, asks questions and then answer it, sometimes I would imagen myself talking to someone, like my bias in the mirror or even when I'm taking a shower.
* I like to peel my lips dead skin.
* although some may find it rude, but I smell my food first before eating it.
* I can't sleep if I don't have a blanket, even if the weather is super hot.
* I really like the smell of books and magazine, thus the reason why, when I'm reading every flip of the pages I would smell it.
*I would walk all around the bathroom or in the house when brushing my teeth.
* when studying, I usually bite my pen or pencil to focus.
* since young, if I loss on an argument or a fight with my sister, I would wake up in midnight to punch here when she's in deep asleep (¬‿¬)
* (my mom keep nagging about this) I like to pull some of my thickets hair, that you'll probably see an area of my head bald. ب_ب
* I always imagine inserting myself in an MV, dancing with exo and bts (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Now its your turn to tell (☞゚∀゚)☞
9 months ago
Also before I cut my hair short, I used to knot my hair and yank it out.
9 months ago
-I pick dandruff of my scalp
9 months ago
-Walking around my house when brushing my teeth (same as you, im so happy im not the only one)
-Sitting while putting one of my legs and foot up on the chair in which my knee is almost on par with my face when eating (i'm not talking about the typical cross-legged sitting), to the point where my mom would slapped my leg
-Walking around my house for nothing and looking for nothing
-After cleaning the bathroom, I would wash my hands with soap then wash the brush, water basin, water hose and pipe with soap and finally wash my hands again with soap
9 months ago
-I whisper the words to myself as I read
9 months ago
i use to pretend i am in an interview lmao
9 months ago
@-FruitsAreBeautiful- hahahaha hiding under the table with them!!
I also curse in English too, like '' or ' ;)'
9 months ago
Oh well let's see...
- when I watch movies I repeat the funny parts to myself and laugh about it
- actually I talk to myself a lot or sing the words opera style
- I do that MV thing too! haha
- I also fall asleep listening to kpop so I imagine myself dancing and singing in front of the group and sometimes when I doze off like that it happens that I have weird kpop dreams like going to a party and hiding under the table with Kyungsoo, Daehyun, Jongup and Baekhyun
- the voice in my head talks in English even though it's not my mother tongue, I also curse in English when something happens
- ever since I can remember I dress myself in the bathroom which makes my mom go crazy because I leave my pjs or whatever I was wearing on the floor

I bet there's more but that's what came to my mind for now
9 months ago
@exoknksvtbtsnct @exoknksvtbtsnct hahaha youre reason are like exactly like mine! sometimes too I listen to music while studying ( mostly instrumental)
lol your just like my mother, while eating she will sush anyone in the table.
9 months ago
Youre quite similar to me, like eerily similar. I talked to myself a lot (and it's actually one of a sign of a genius, which am probably, let's just hahaha) and yes, peel my lips dead skin and some times the blood will comes out and I'll keep at the same spot until it heals....actually, blood tastes quite good. And always, sleep with blanket even when it was drought season hahahaha like super hotttt but without blanket, it will be super notttt and I don't know, getting sweaty feels bad and necessary at times. I love the smell of old books, like dusts and rune pages, it's just so real and bring back the memories of old times. When studying, I need to hear music and bite my nails which I shouldn't but I wanted too, and then resting for like an hour and then wake up till midnight because I was too slow to finish my assignments. I also, like Kris, love to stare at myself in front of the mirror because I CAN! And I did it because I need to renew my self-esteem when college feels like , ya kno wat I meant hahaha and also, pulling hairs and eyelashes because they tickled me and it was so uncomfortable so I just pullrd with force and somehow, part of my head becoming bald. It's normal I guess. Let's just out some castor oil next time heh ;) and while eating, I will shush anyone who's gossiping because eating means eating so yeah, shut up? Hahaha also, am a very procrastinator because I don't like people command me to do things. My lecturer hates me for this because I will handed out my assignments like a week after the deadline. Like always. Above of all, take this away from me, or I will become nothing. Accept it or leave it, right?