"Popular" authors

When I put it in quotation marks I don't mean to sound passive aggressive or rude or anything, I just don't know if popular is the right term I'm looking for lol. Moving on! I was just wondering, what makes a popular author, popular? Is it their subscriber count or is it their comment count? I know some authors have 1000+ subs but their comment count isn't as high in terms of the sub/comment ratio while there are other fics with wayyy less subscribers but their comment count is through the roof. Or is popularity to do with who they talk to wall to wall? Or is it nothing to do with your stories but just your general voice on this site? So, participation in discussions or owning graphic shops or commenting on blogs?
9 months ago
Determining popularity is different in every community and it usually includes multiple factors. Do you have a dedicated readerbase? What kind of content do you write? Are you active in the community and make friends? Do you provide a service within this community?
[deactivated] 9 months ago
MANY featured stories: popular author
istj 9 months ago
imo. an author gets popular when he or she has a collection of featured fics. those fics bring in upvotes and fans... i know i look at n author's work collectively.
9 months ago
probably agree with the comment below vvv
Then again, I don't know if there are popular authors but rather, popular stories? i'm not sure tbh, but I think the more popular ones are probably more active in the community. that's just my opinion though
9 months ago
for me, an author is popular if they have a lot of subs, comments, and upvotes altogether. if an author has tons of subs but hardly any comments, that could say a lot about the author or the readers. i don't think the popularity thing has to do with commenting on blogs, owning shops, etc., but it definitely helps. some authors i can remember off the top of my head are PrincessVivi, Koreykrypta, and loviet, because i admire their stories so much. but i know that designers like vigour and veelah are well known in the graphics and layout community because of their huge presence there.