people who don't like fanfiction writers

so... i would think about 95% of us her on AFF are fanfic readers and writers... what do you guys think about people outside OR inside the kpop fandom saying its kind of creepy and weird that we write and read fanfics about real people? kind of like people cosplaying real people/idols in cons...?

usually fanfics are written only about animated/made up characters (like bella and edward or naruto and sakura)... so I kind of get them but kind of not...
9 months ago
as long as people dont force fics or ships onto the actual idols i think there couldnt be anything wrong with it
9 months ago
when i write fanfics, rather than imagining i'm putting the actual idols into my work, i think of them as pre-created characters and only take their names and faces, as mentioned by others below. it sounds kinda tasteless to put it like that, but it's nothing against the idols; it's more like … a different way of showing love for them in a pretty weird way, now that i think about it. but since i've gotten used to it, it's no longer strange, and it just takes a little getting used to, like everything new does.
9 months ago
Meh.. everyone has that side of them. Sometime we can be unaccepted with what other people interested because the thing they are interested is out of their league or too much for them. But that is up to them. Some are just really not interested with kpop, jpop, etc but they're interested in something else we can't accept. It becomes interchangeable thing. None are wrong.
9 months ago
I can't tell them their opinions are wrong, nor can I tell them they're right. I actually used to once think that the idea was weird. Now it's just normal. The people are just characters now. But if someone thinks it's weird, I have no right to tell them they're wrong. They are entitled to their own opinion, but what they say won't change my own opinion.
9 months ago
I honestly don't really care. The only I take from the idols I'm writing about is appearance and name and considering I'm writing genderbend, appearance isn't always a given either. (And sure, sometimes I do think "would this idol do this?" but it usually doesn't change anything because they are humans and I mainly write slice of life realism so - well, I write humans lol)