Please give ff recomendations!

Guys, can you please give me a fanfic that you recomend me to read it. If you have please comment since I don't know what to read this days. Please also put the title. I mostly read SNSD ff but I can accept any kind of group. Thanks!
11 months ago
@Taeworshipper you're honestly the best! thanks for recommending my work :)
and @KimTaeyeonx the first one is called 88
and the second one is called Wolves
11 months ago
I just started these two and so far they're great and unique.
I've been reading this for a while and it keeps getting better.
And if you read idolxidol, this is amazing so far.
11 months ago
Here's a good recommendation list:

And if you want, check out my stories:
Dear Yeonhwa
The Guardian Of The Golden Scroll
11 months ago
I have an EXO recommendation post here:
[deactivated] 11 months ago
[deactivated] 11 months ago
Hi! If you're into dark-fantasy mashed up with vampires, werewolves, sorcerers and power plays, you can try this one :)
herpderp123 11 months ago
11 months ago
@KimTaeyeonx thank you
11 months ago
@kireitenshi Well thanks for the recomendation. I'll make sure to read it after I update my story
11 months ago
shameless plugging, but perhaps you'd like to check my one-shot collection. the latest chapter features jessica and onew.