Need Help finding an AO3 fanfic

So i downloaded the pdf and i finished reading it until the last update but I accidentally deleted it and I haven't bookmarked that fanfic yet. I forgot the title too u n u . It's a jikook fanfic where Jimin had a one night stand with a famous actor Jungkook then Jimin ended up being pregnant. Jungkook here has a fiance that he was forced to just for the sake of his father's company because jungkook's family is also rich aside from him being a famous actor already. In the end Jungkook made a choice of accepting his fathers deal of him handling the company just to get out of that arranged marriage and be with Jimin. That's basically how the story goes.Does anyone know that fanfic? Please I want to continue reading it *^*
7 months ago
@tumbleweed that's why i'm scared too XD but i finally found it. figured i should put the mpreg tag and thankfully the fic was just recently updated. i mean june but i guess there aren't a lot of mpreg bts fanfics
7 months ago
Oh noes, there's honestly so many bts ao3 fics so it's really hard to find them once again if you didn't save them :-(
source: personal experience. RIP. Good luck though, I think you'll have to dig kind of deep.