Graphics and more

Lately being a writer has become a challenge. I often get writer's block or I lose the enthusiasm to continue writing. I used to do graphics a while back and lately I created one for someone and it was fun. I'm thinking about starting it up again and maybe creating my own gallery for others to see. I've also been a beta reader to some stories and I enjoyed that too. So I think I want to incorporate that in there as well. So let me get to my main point.

Should I make my own viewing gallery and beta reading services shop? Or should I stick to making it into a hobby and continue my writing?
9 months ago
If you feel like you can handle beta-ing, writing and making graphics at the same time, go for it!
9 months ago
hurm i haven't seen any of your works before but i guess do what you think that would make you happy?
writelust 9 months ago
Do whatever you want! You can do both things at the same time, and focus on each at different times. Honestly, I've realized being a writer can't be a 24/7 job for me, it's mentally draining and even if I'm excited about a story, writer's block always manages to ruin it for me. So yeah, doing other things such as doing graphics will not only be something you'd enjoy but it can actually make inspo come back to you again! I hope you decide soon!