Any JeongTzu (TWICE) fans here?

Hello! So I just wanted to know if anyone here who is a JeongTzu shipper--or no, anyone could really help me with this--would be interested to see this new fic that I am writing. It's a one-shot called Chasing Bees and I am currently writing its last part. The point of me basically literally just shamelessly plugging about it here, lol, is because it's my first time writing an actual romance fic and I want to see how it goes for the readers. It's not really that much of a fairytale-like love story (I'm not actually aiming for that), just a little warning if you don't like reading something um...real world-like. If you are interested to read, please do click on this link:

I would appreciate all sorts of feedback and constructive criticism about my fic. Thank you again!
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