How important karma pointsare

As what the title says, what really is the essence of having many karma points (like for example hundred thousands lol)(or just having karma points)? I know for authors as a payment for beta, story covers/trailer, as prize but for the plain readers? Im really just wondering what are the other uses for karma points :D p.s. Can it be traded for real money bc im really broke at the moment and this groups doesnt have chill on their combacks and concerts(; ̄O ̄)
6 months ago
Is this true
9 months ago
you get an aff hoodie when you reach 10000!
1 year ago
I wish you can do more with karma points tbh. Buy things with karma to customize our profiles more or something. This would be fun. However, I don't think AFF has the people to do that
mastermind 1 year ago
Leaving a comment for karma
[deactivated] 5 years ago
Karma points is very important for me right now :3
5 years ago
@KnoW_logic To become a recognizable writer here really requires large amounts of karmas lol and yeah even if 1000 karmas = $1, i would have a stable job and nice salary lolololol if only this could be true xD
5 years ago
@ali060903 Ive already heard this but now im enlightened about those karma businesses ongoing here on aff and woah, this things are no joke considering how pricey advertisement services and the likes could be
5 years ago
@omona-mark I didnt know changing usernames was quite pricey xD but yeah, let's dream of a world with karma as a real world currency bc being this broke is hard and painful ㅠ________ㅠ
5 years ago
You can gift them to me! Lol. I'm just kidding.

Karma points can also be used to transfer stories from one person to another. Also, you can use your karma points to bid for advertisement. I don't think these were mention yet. There's a section in the FAQ that talks about how one can spend karma points. Otherwise, I do wish we could exchange it for money. Lol.
5 years ago
The authors want their stories to get more recognition. So they pay shops for helping them advertise them. They need to pay for the advertisers hundreds of karmas if they want to have many wall posts, blog posts, even fake subs or fake votes. For some shops, some packages can go up to 600 or 700 karmas.
5 years ago
Other than paying for services, I think the only other use for it is incase you want to change your username. It's 500 kps, if I remember correctly. Also you need at least 25 kps to be able to upvote (along with the verified email). That's all I can think of~ I would love to have it traded for real money too but ;_________; let's be broke together.