my attractive friend pftt..

Hey guysss :-) so I hv this friend (I wouldn't call her as my best friend bcos I'm not that 'open' with her..she's just in my group) but we talk and all and she's like super attractive while I'm like meeeehh(._.)....with big eyes and naturally long lashes she's just blessed...but the thing is..she brags(like when guys hit on her all the time she'll tell us the whole story like ugh who wants to hear tht)..a LOT..sometimes she tries to be subtle and secretly brags but I've noticed..I like her I really do(she's easy to talk with plus I feel bad if I have these bitter feelings) but I don't think I can handle anymore of those subtle bragging of hers...pls! Wht should I do?
Jwonuu 9 months ago
A lot of my friends do this and they're average looking but cute with makeup. To me, what they brag of seems like normal interactions any other girl would have tbh. But it makes them happy so I let them be.
9 months ago
I usually wouldn't comment on this but to be honest you should accept it. She is pretty and bragging makes her happy and even though it makes you yawn as long as she isn't saying it in a way to put you down then it's OK. I have friends that are stunning and did the same thing. But do you know what all these years on we are still friends the only difference is we have all settled down with husbands and boyfriends and the stunning ones are still single because having that much choice it's difficult to find a guy that is after them for their personality and not how they look. As long as you have fun with her and you get to talk about your stuff too just accept her as your gorgeous friend that gets attention. As you grow up together the subjects including boys will change.
9 months ago
Tell her. Either she's insecure about her looks or she doesn't understand the effect of her words. But if you like her, tell her that you don't need or want to hear all about her flirts and that it may be affecting you. I don't know if it is but ... Just don't (!) attack her. Don't tell her she's annoying or whatever words you might want to use about her bragging. Only speak from your own perspective. "I don't need to listen to your flirts, I'd much rather talk about XX with you." That's what I would do after all. Communication gets you really far.
9 months ago
Oh, I get that feeling. Lmfao. I have two groups of friends and in one of them, one of my friend is the one bragging while in the other I am the one doing it. Truth to be told, depending on how she is, she will either notice that no one is interested in her flirting life, or not. If she doesn't notice it, you will either have to talk about it, or - something which might puss her off, but it's much easier to overcome - interrupt her with other topics. That's what I myself as well as my other party of friends does when it gets too much.