Do nice girls finish last?

I've heard from people that not only do nice guys finish last, but also nice girls? Do you think that's true? I personally consider myself as a nice girl, so will I forever be alone? Tell me your experiences! Comment below! 3
10 months ago
@NutellaBreath Me too and I love him in BgA too XD
10 months ago
@-roselynn- It's not really what I want to do
You only date bad guys so
I'll give you my best try to
Treat you the way you want me to~~

I never open the door-

Lol. I love Ryan
11 months ago
I dunno, I think I'm the player type of a girl. But just a very picky and shy player. The player who plays in the shades. Fifty shades ok wtf this just got so weird. Anyway, all my nice friends don't even like anyone.
[deactivated] 11 months ago
this reminds me of ryan higa's song
11 months ago
It depends what nice means. A nice girl can have a lot of going on in her life, which makes her a bit tense. But then a nice girl can be very chill and everything's just swaying alright and that is the ideal time to look for someone cause then you're not actually looking for anyone CAUSE YOU'RE A STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN.
A nice girl can be the silent lonely girl living in her own worlds in the back of the class, or the cheerful extrovert talking to all the classmates and being friends with everyone
what is a nice girl anyway I just had a crisis for the fifth time today
11 months ago
you can say I'm a goody two shoes, and where I'm from, people respect nice girls (or generally girls who respect others and themselves) and see them as marriage material, but of course, boys at a young age don't realize what they're missing so they play around with different girls until they're at that age where they wanna get married and that's when they start looking for a nice girl. REALLY messed-up scenerio. personally, I've gained people's respect and since I'm not looking for 'love' or anything, life is great as a nice girl xD
11 months ago
*cue Ryan Higa*
Nice girls finish last, that's why I'll treat you like trash~

No, but seriously, in reality I doubt it. I know a lot of 'nice girls' in my life, and they're all happily in relationships/in love :)
11 months ago
I don't know what it's supposed to mean but I'm nice and it seems that people like to take advantage of me