Are single schools more effective than co-ed schools?

I myself go to a girls school and I wanted to know if this was more effective than if I went to a mixed school with boys. Would my grades lower or build up? Would my social life be more active? Does it even matter? Comment below! :)
10 months ago
I have only been to all girl school too :)
11 months ago
I have been in a single school and I have been in a coed school. Maybe I do not have knowledge since I always end up between the outcast and average people group... It actually entirely depends on your friends and the type of people in ur school and also which type of country you are in coz the subjects they teach can vary. In my school, if drama and rumors spread.... it would die at most in a week and in the shortest time two days. It also depends on the type of class you get, classmates, school experience and etc. School should be fun yet learning. Boys may distract you once in a while but let it be just an infactuation and not a crush. I do not definitely do not believe in love at first sight especially coz 1) I'm too busy with studies and KPOP 2) Ain't nobody got time for a dramatic roller coaster life 3) based on my first and last love experience, heck no. These are my reasons for dating in school but back to the topic... Being in a coed school actually allows you to see yourself to learn and how to cope with people of the opposite gender. Because I have rarely been around boys since my 12 years on earth... It became a good opportunity to see the different perspectives on how boys think and sometimes, they can give you advice on maybe love, thinking wise and how each thought can be different yet similar in a way. At the same time, you get to meet new friends but do remember... be with the right group of friends
11 months ago
I have only been in mixed schools and if you're as straight as a soldier and get crushes easily, YOU'D BE DOOMED. Tho sometimes it motivates you to go to school. If you're as straight as a cup of ramen, it wouldn't effect.

I personally just love being in school with boys since it's so funny when they think you can't hear but the fact is that teenage boys cannot whisper :'DDD God they have good stories
11 months ago
I only went to a co-ed school but I really don't think it's that different in terms of grades? I mean, grades usually depend on other factors such as the size of the class, the teacher etc. It doesn't really depend on the gender of the students in my opinion. (And no, I really don't think a crush necessarily ruins your grades either so...) I do think being co-ed makes it easy to socialize, though, and especially in regards to equality between the genders because your former biases will be countered to some degree and you're usually forced to interact with the other gender. I think that's a good thing.
Other than that - more things probably determine whether or not the school is good.
[deactivated] 11 months ago
As for someone who has gone into both, I think being in an all girls / boys could make everyone feel at ease but it's not so different aside from the fact that both guys and girls try to be a little better because there's other people in the class. all boys / girls class seems to be a little easier to get friends though. I don't think there's much change aside from both.